Saturday, September 26

Fashionably Late

This week at Teen Fiction Cafe, the topic is fashion... which might be one reason why I've been putting off posting about it. Any of you who know me may have noticed that I'm a little... challenged in that area. I don't know what it is. Some people are born with fashion sense, some people are not. I fall firmly in the latter category. Any day now, I'm afraid that Stacy and Clinton are going to show up on my doorstep with candid shots of all my fashion disasters.

So I am more than a little grateful that Melissa was able to provide me with material to write about. Last week, she had a piece on NPR's All Things Considered. Check it out here.

First of all, yay, Melissa! Second, hooray for books that can help even the most challenged of us learn to be a little more fashion forward. I think I need that Fashion 101... (although it's geared to teens, which I am decidedly not.) I plan on checking it out anyway because I'm not convinced that my sense of style (or lack thereof) really reflects my sense of self.

How about you? Does your clothing reflect who you are? Or are you a creature of comfort like me?


Melissa Walker said...

Thanks, Gerb! Fashion 101 definitely taught me a LOT. And DV is great if you want a fashion attitude (the good kind). :)

Lauren Baratz-Logsted said...

I'm a creature of comfort *and* my clothes reflect who I am - a creature of comfort!