Thursday, September 3

Schooooool's out... for... wait, what were we talking about?

Sorry, my mistake. It's not school's OUT, it's school's IN. Yes, it's that time of year again. Time for students to get back into the daily grind of Monday through Friday classes. I know some of you have been back for a few weeks already!

When I was in high school, we always started school the Wednesday after Labor Day. Always. Where I live now, students head back to school in mid-August. Mid-August! That just seems crazy to me. I wasn't even thinking clothes shopping in mid-August when I was a teen. (Disclaimer: That was a blatant lie. I started school shopping as soon as the fall clothes got put on the racks. But I'm trying to make a point here, so let's roll with it.)

So I was debating the other day whether I would've rather started school in mid-August and been done the end of May -OR- started in early September and been done in mid-June.

I grew up in the North, so the pools were nowhere near warm enough by the end of May to actually do any swimming. And some of the schools didn't have adequate air conditioning, so late August days would get a bit stifling in the classroom. Both points in favor of doing a September-to-June schedule.

On the other hand, having an August-to-May schedule would mean I could... um... my friends and I would surely... err...

Okay, I have no idea. What are the advantages of doing the August-to-May schedule? I'm sure there are plenty! So now I'm even more curious. If you could choose between having a September-to-June schedule or an August-to-May schedule, which would you choose? And those of you on the August-to-May cycle, school me! What are the perks? I know there are obvious ones that I'm missing. :-)

Happy back to school shopping!



Sarbear said...

I do the end of August - the end of May right now. I love it because then your summer is all of June, July and most of August, when there's a lot of fun stuff going on, where I'm from. September not so much... maybe that revolves around the school schedule, though.

Jill of The O.W.L Blog said...

When I grew up we went to school August through May. Now that I'm a teacher I teach September through June. I like the Aug to May better. Maybe it's because it's what I grew up with, but I think there's another reason. The longest part of the school year is January and February. Now when we get out in June we still have a ways to go once Feb ends. When we get out in May it just seems closer. That's probably a goofy reason, but I think it's another reason.

And I don't know, there's just something about going back to school in Aug. It just feels right. And then you get day off right away! :) and I love getting out in May. The summer's just getting started. July is a ways off. It seems right too.

Ok enough babble. Thanks for making me think about this!

Alissa said...

There are even more variations on this. One school I know went back last week, but then they have a week off at the end of September because of the big fair in town. This might not be so bad, because it's sort of like getting an extra dose of summer, when you can appreciate it after being in school for a few weeks.

Wendy Toliver said...

I don't even remember what my schedule was, except I was always ready to go back when it started and ready for it to end way before it actually ended.

And I still love back to school shopping!

Kelsey said...

It may be because I live a river away from Canada or not but my schedule it September-May (I'm not even in school yet!)

But it kinda sucks because we have a shorter Winter Break and no spring break whatsoever, well we do but it's a Friday off before Easter Sunday which they call Spring Break, which is not!

Or maybe it's because I live in a place that gets 3+ feet of snow a year and we have a few snow days and if we had to we could extend it? I dunno.

But actually, when I lived in California, I remember, my schedule was August-June which sucked big time. Though we did get spring break and winter break.

I dunno, I think it depends on where you live for the weather.

Hadhafang said...

We always used to have August-June which SUCKED but they changed it recently to September-June. I like the September-June for pretty much the same reasons as you! :D Plus, I'm Muslim and Ramadan these past few years [Ramadan is when we fast all day] has been falling towards the end of summer. So it's really nice to have all of August off and not have to deal with school while fasting. [Such a nuisance, I assure you.]

Kay Cassidy said...

Sara - I bet that's true about the summer schedules revolving around school. I do remember having more late summer fairs and things where I grew up vs. the earlier fairs now. Great point!

Jill - I don't think that's goofy at all! That stretch from January to the end of school always seems so long. Getting out earlier would definitely be a plus, I think.

Alissa - How cool to get a week off from school because of a fair! Why didn't I go to school there? :-)

Kay Cassidy said...

Wendy - I was too. Fall is my favorite time of year anyway, so I loved that part of the school year too. But by late spring, I was so ready to be done for the summer. Mostly so I could sleep in! :-)

Kelsey - Wow! No spring break? I've never heard of that before. Great point on the snow days though. Those are always so nice, aren't they?

Hadhafang - I can definitely see where fasting would be difficult to do during school. And much nicer to be able to celebrate without the chaos of school anyway.

So many different angles to the Aug-May vs. Sep-Jun debate... this has been super interesting. Thanks for the great discussion, everyone!