Monday, April 19

Beach Books and Plane Ride Flicks

Aloha friends! This week at the Cafe, we're talking about Books, Movies, and TV. And since I just got home from a lovely (though windy) week in Maui, I actually did have a little time to (partially) watch some movies and read books.

I've had TFC's own Sara Zarr's Sweethearts for a while and I've been dying to read it so I brought it along and read it in about 3 sittings. I also brought the HUGE but worth-lugging-around book, The Help by Kathryn Stockett. I only got about 1/4 through it while there, but I am looking forward to finishing it. Not only is it totally interesting, it's written so incredibly well!
Now, back to Sweethearts. Have you read it yet? If not, I totally recommend it. It's about a girl named Jennifer who used to be the chubby girl kids made fun of. She had only one friend, a boy named Cameron, who had a terribly disfunctional family life. As 10 year-olds, they realized how much they needed each other and knew their friendship was deep and special. They stuck together and survived the horrific events life threw at them. And then Jennifer got the news that Cameron was dead and a huge chunk of her died along with him. She reinvented herself and became Jenna, the girl people liked, the girl with a boyfriend, the girl who hid her true feelings within her new non-chubby self. But then something happens to disrupt this new life she's built around herself, opening old wounds, her eyes, and her heart.
Another thing I really loved about Sara's book is that like my own Miss Match, it takes place in Salt Lake City, Utah. Lots of fun, familiar references for those of us who've lived or visited the beautiful, quirky city.
Disclaimer: If my review sounds lame, keep in mind I've been on an all-night flight! :)
And speaking of flights, our flight from LAX to Hawaii had a problem with the entertainment system so we weren't able to watch movies; but on the way home, I watched half of "Precious" (I do not recommend only watching the first half because you only get the sad parts and I hear it has a happy-ish ending) and about five minutes of "Did You Hear About the Morgans," which seems like a cute romantic comedy. That's what you get when you've got 3 little boys with you, haha!
What books have you read lately? And if you've seen "Precious" or "Did You Hear About the Morgans," do you recommend I watch the rest of them?


Sara Z. said...

Aww, thanks, Wendy!

Also: The big SLC gaffe in the book - Crown Burger is not in fact open on Sundays. I will never make that mistake again!

Wendy Toliver said...

Thanks for writing another great book, Sara! :) And funny about Crown Burgers/Sunday.

Monique said...

your review was great, i am actually going to add sweetheart to my wish list now :)
Did you hear about the morgans was quite funny i recomend watching the rest of it, i have not seen precious yet xx

Bee said...

Sweethearts sounds so sweet. I'd love to read it. Gee, my TBR pile's getting higher and higher!

I'm currently reading Judy Blume's Summer Sisters which is like all her other books totally fantastic. Also I recently watched a DVD of Summer Catch..and well, I just wish I can fall in love too, this summer. Hey, a girl can hope :))

Wendy Toliver said...

Monique, thanks for the recommendation to finish DYHATM. Will do!

Bee, I've heard about Summer Catch. Sounds fun! And I read Summer Sisters a while ago. Judy Blume rocks.

Kay Cassidy said...

Now I need to move Sweethearts up in my TBR pile! That sounds amazing.

I recently read an ARC of Nightshade by Andrea Cremer (coming October 2010) and it was awesome. I'm not generally a big werewolf reader, but the mythos is so fresh and the characters so compelling that it sucked me in from the word Go. Calla is one of my favorite YA heroines of all time. Definitely one to check out this fall.

Gerb said...

I agree about Sweethearts. I loved it.

Sadly, I haven't seen either movie yet.

A good book I'm reading - If I Stay by Gayle Forman.

Melissa Walker said...

SWEETHEARTS is sooo good! Read it over a year ago and still think about the relationships in it.

PRECIOUS is tough to watch. Important, but tough to watch. Just pick the right day.

Quách Đại ka said...

leasingbilcharms for a charm braceletI'm currently reading Judy Blume's Summer Sisters which is like all her other books totally fantastic. Also I recently watched a DVD of Summer Catch..and well, I just wish I can fall in love too,