Thursday, April 22

Movies, Books, TV, Music - Well, Sort Of

Story of my life. Usually, I can't get Blogger to upload the images I want it to, leaving me with the most bland-looking content in the blogoshpere. And when I finally am successful? I wind up with a monster-sized version like the one on the left. Feh.

OK, here's the deal. Today I need to write the penultimate chapter on a YA novel due out next year. I've been waiting a very long time to write this particular chapter - yea, me! Problem is, it's my turn to write something here at TFC. And I'm just Type-A enough I can't bring myself to blow you off. However, because that chapter is calling me - "Write me, Lauren! Write me! If you do, I'll even learn how to spell your last name!" - we really do need to keep this short.

On May 3, the fifth volume of The Sisters 8 series for young readers age 6-10 officially pubs. It's called Marcia's Madness and it's already shipping from all the usual suspects. The series, in case you don't know, starts when the parents of the titled octuplets go missing in Book 1: Annie's Adventures. Look at the gorgeous website Houghton Mifflin Harcourt made for the series: The Sisters 8 website. I can hear you now - "Ooh!" "Aah!" Thank you. There are all sorts of cool things on the website, like a craft section and even an area for kids to get tips on starting their own book clubs.

Oh, dear. I hear you talking again. This time you're saying, "But this is Teen Fiction Cafe, Lauren. Where's the teen in all this?" Yeah, well. Surely you must know a kid somewhere you'd love to give A SIGNED COPY TO. Yes, that's right. Now hold on just one more minute.

Since this week's topic is "Movies, Books, TV, Music," I'm going to ask folks to leave comments saying what new-since-the-first-of-the-year thing in any one category - or all four if you have time and are so inclined - has caught their fancy. For me, it would be the new TV show "Parenthood." It's very 1opm-soapish, but it works for me. Of course I don't get a chance to win by telling you that.

But you do! So post away! Sometime Saturday morning, Danbury time, I'll pick a winner and that winner will receive a signed copy of the hardcover edition of Marcia's Madness, signed by all three creators of The Sisters 8: Greg Logsted, 10-year-old Jackie Logsted and me.

Oh, and if you help spread the word about the series and the gorgeous website? No, you don't get any extra chances to win. But I will think you're wonderful and be eternally grateful to you, so there is that.

OK, have fun, turn me on to some new stuff, good luck, Happy Thursday, be good, don't take any wooden nickels, AND...

I'm off to write that chapter. Go, me.


Lauren Baratz-Logsted said...

See, this is exactly what I'm talking about. When I wrote this post, the first paragraph or so fit neatly to the right of the cover image, and now it's all gotten rearranged so "Story of" reads straight down on the side, almost disappearing, and it looks like the post begins mysteriously with " life." Feh.

Suzanne said...

Post away where to enter this contest? Here? ;-)

Lauren Baratz-Logsted said...

Yes, Suzanne, right here!

LM Preston said...

BTW, I love that book cover. I'm raising my hand because I am addicted to vampire diaries.

Lauren Baratz-Logsted said...

You and my daughter, LM, she just loves The Vampire Diaries, books and TV series. I started on the TV series with her, and was enjoying it, but I had just too much TV in my life at the time so I had to let it go. Thanks for the kind words about the cover!

Lauren Baratz-Logsted said...

Well, that was an easy contest!

Suzanne and LM, you're *both* winners! Please email me through the contact link on my website with the full name/address where you want your books sent and who you want the inscription made out to - thanks for playing!

Melissa Walker said...

I came to this late, sorry! But I will say that I love JAMIE OLIVER'S FOOD REVOLUTION this year on TV.