Tuesday, April 6


This week on TFC we're talking about fashion and style. This topic is a timely one for me because I'm pretty much immersed in international style at the moment. I'm deep in revisions for Book One of CASSIDY ON CAMERA (my middle-school series that comes out next year) and the main character's sense of style is one of the things that makes her who she is.

Since she's grown up all over the world, Cassidy has a unique view of fashion. She's not tied into the trends of a particular country or region when it comes to clothes, but simply chooses what she likes and what she's comfortable wearing. Also, she likes to collect new pieces to add to her wardrobe in every country she visits, whether it's a nautical striped shirt from Brittany or a Harajuku Girl purse from Tokyo. Her signature style emerges as she puts the pieces together in her own unique way.

As I've been working on these books, I've thought a lot about what constitutes a "signature style." And... confession time... I'm not sure that I have one! I do have one favorite piece of clothing - an old jean jacket I can wear with just about everything - but I don't know if that defines my style. What about you? Do you have a signature style? How would you describe it?
P.S. On a related note, in Kay Cassidy's upcoming book, THE CINDERELLA SOCIETY (out April 13 - watch for it!) her character Jess learns about signature styles and how to settle on the right one for her. It's a very fun book, but also a very sobering one, as Jess also learns to empower herself against bullying. If THE CINDERELLA SOCIETY isn't already on your radar, be sure to put it there!


Wendy Toliver said...

I loved The Cinderella Society and agree it's a must read. I can't wait for Cassidy on Camera, Gerb. I love that Cassidy combines style items from different places around the world to create her own signature style.

Alyson Noel said...

My signature style consists of sweatpants, tanktops (in summer, sweatshirts in winter), pink Ugg slippers, and a laptop--as glamorous as it sounds!


LOVED Cinderella Society-Yay, Kay!! And can't wait to check out your new series!

Erika said...

I think mine is jeans and nice tops. I also love my brown Ugg boots. In the winter its hats and scarves that I pair with different coats. I love your guy's site and have been following it for the last two years! I would love it if you guys would stop by my brand new blog devoted to books! www.moonlightbookreviews.blogspot.com

Gerb said...

Thanks, Wendy!

Sounds like my work-at-home style, Alyson. : )

Hi, Erika! I just saw your book blog yesterday, no lie! I was looking at the review for Forest of Hands and teeth.

Amanda Ashby said...

My signature style, if I can call it that consists of 'old lady' handbags, which I just love (my favorite one actually looks like a doormat on wooden handles and it's one of those bags that only a mother could love!!!!) and cardigans. Boy do I love me some cardigans!!!!

Kay Cassidy said...

Thanks for the TCS shout-out, Gerb! I totally can't wait to read Cassidy on Camera. :-)

My signature style is all about comfort. Yoga pants and knit shirts are my writerly uniform. Anything else is considered dress-up. ;-)

(PS - And thanks for the TCS cheers, Wendy and Alyson!)