Thursday, January 20

Favorite haunts... for the kid in me

So next weekend, le husband and I have our first date day in several months. We used to try to do them every month but, alas, our schedules have been so crazy this fall/winter that they've been nearly impossible to coordinate.

Since we don't get to do them as often as we'd like, I wanted to make it special and fun. After wracking my brain, I came up with... lunch, The King's Speech matinee (which I've been dying to see), and dinner.

I. Am. So. BORING.

I don't know what it is. I like to do fun stuff, but when it comes time to make a fun date I always seem to run out of ideas. For scheduling reasons, it has to be during the day which rules out evening things like comedy shows (one of our favorite pastimes). But the more I thought about it, the more I thought that just because we're grown-ups doesn't mean we have to do "grown-up" stuff. And so, next weekend, we will be embarking on a new and improved date itinerary: lunch, The King's Speech, dinner and...

That's right. It's Monster Mini Golf time at Casa Cassidy. If you've never been to one of the Monster Mini Golf locations across the country, they are not to be missed. It's indoors, all black light with monster images and creepy obstacles to golf around. We've been a few times before and it's always a good time. And be sure to wear white so you glow in the dark!

What kinds of kid things do you love to do?


kathryn said...

I LOVE board games. Really, any kind of games. Friday night is D&D night, Saturday is Ticket to Ride, and we'll just have to see what Sunday brings.

Kay Cassidy said...

I love board games too, Kathryn! My favorite is the Harry Potter edition of Clue. LOVE. :-)

Gerb said...

We're big game players at my house, too. Card games, board games, party games, you name it. Great way to hang with the family and laugh at each other (if you're like us and like to play games like Malarky or Taboo or Apples to Apples or Sushi Roll...)

Kay Cassidy said...

Gerb - I grew up being a card player. My dad taught us, oh, about 1,119 different variations for poker. (My favorite was called Blind Baseball, though I can't for the life of me remember how you play it anymore). I wish we played more cards. Maybe I'll have to institute card game night! :-)