Tuesday, January 4

In the News: SNOW

Although I am no longer trapped in my Brooklyn apartment, it's still mighty snowy outside! In the news, they called it SNOWPOCALYPSE (I'm not exaggerating. They might be, but I'm not.) All this snowy news got me thinking about a book that I really want to read: Michael Northrop's Trapped.

It's the story of seven mismatched students who must adapt in order to survive when they're stranded at their high school without heat or power during a massive, weeklong blizzard, according to Publisher's Marketplace. And according to Michael, it's:

(That's The Breakfast Club meets The Shining, in case you aren't familiar.) How good does that sound?! It's out in early February officially, but word on the street is it's already on some shelves. I'm going hunting.

Is it weird that news, and happenings in the world, makes me think about the books I want to read? What's on your list this week?


Sara Z. said...

ooh, that does sound awesome!

Wendy Toliver said...

I'm with Sara. Thanks for the head's up! What's on my list to read? My goal is to catch up on reading the books written by my TFC buddies and my fellow Utah YA authors. Right now I'm reading "Spells" by Aprilynne Pike.

Lauren Baratz-Logsted said...

Breakfast Club meets The Shining - that is quite a log line!

Monique said...

That must be so much fun, I've never seen snow before.

Amanda Ashby said...

Breakfast Club is one of my fav movies and The Shinning is the scariest book that I've ever read so I'm half excited, half terrified of this book!!!!!

Right now I'm writing like crazy, but I'm trying to make time for Last Sacrifice and then the Jonathan Stroud book, which I'm very excited about because I love me some Bartimaeus!