Thursday, February 24

In My Perfect Writing World

In my perfect (writing) world:

9. I'd solve any plot problems in my sleep

8. Or better yet, there would be no plot problems because every time I put my butt in the chair and wrote, the muse would be with me.

7. Okay a challenge is fun but I definitely wouldn't get stuck for days weeks months at a time, especially when I'm 3/4ths of the way through. There would be way more a-ha moments than I suck, I quit moments.

6. Yeah I'd definitely have more confidence in my writing in a perfect world.

5. And I wouldn't write such big complicated plots that I'm constantly freaking about word count or killing darlings.

4. And I have some tried and true tricks I could always rely on instead of feeling like I have to reinvent the wheel with every book.

3. But when I did hit that beautiful, wonderful place where the story just flows I'd be able to take time off from my night bartending job and run with it for as long as I wanted.

2. And I'd like a clone who can answer my emails, play with my cats, clean my house, exercise, cook, and write my blogs so I'm not doing that on my phone on a slow night at the bar (because in the perfect world there wouldn't be slow nights at the bar) like I did this blog entry.

1. In the most perfect world of all, I would have finished this book days weeks months ago like I wanted, then I'd take two weeks off and know, just know (because in a perfect world I will have learned to trust my gut again) which of my other ideas to start next and that would of course flow beautifully.

But right now I'd just settle with finishing my book before I go on vacation on March 20, which at this rate in this very imperfect world is going to be rough so cross those fingers for me.....


Amanda Ashby said...

Fingers are crossed that you make your deadline. Not that you need it - I know that you're going to do and you're going to feel totally amazing when you do!!!!! Btw, if you ever make it to the perfect world then could come back and take me there!!!!

LM Preston said...

I wish I had a perfect writing world. Can I hop into yours, lol!

Wendy Toliver said...

Fingers crossed for you! And I'd love to join you in your perfect writing world too! (Especially the clone part)

Alyson Noel said...

My fingers are crossed for you!! And here's hoping you enjoy a wonderful vacation, which you so richly deserve!

Kathy Picciano said...

Great blog - isn't it funny how many times you sit in the perfect writing world only to be thrown off the chair the next day? I've said a prayer that you make your deadline and can enjoy your vacation.

Stephanie Kuehnert said...

Thanks everyone for crossing fingers and if I reach the perfect writing world, I will certainly invite all of you to join me!

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