Tuesday, February 22

A Perfect World

In a perfect world ...

1. People would get credit for their work or ideas.

This has been weighing on my mind lately because a good friend of mine had her brilliant idea swept out from under her and even though the situation is complicated and I can't share the details, I'm sure we've all been in a similar situation. And we all know it feels lousy!

2. We would laugh more often.

I laugh in movies, at my kids' dumb jokes, at my husband's mismatched clothes, when I fall on my snowboard (after I can breathe again), and at my dogs' and cat's crazy antics. It makes me feel good (yay for endorphins!); plus it's great for the abs!

3. We wouldn't be so hard on ourselves.

Not all of use can look like a super model, shoot like a NBA star, write like Charles Dickens or sing like Mariah. I'm very guilty of getting down on myself. But at least I can try and keep my abs toned by laughing at myself (see above point.)

4. We would reach out to someone every day.

Yes, we're busy but if we just take a moment to write a little "thinking of you" email or text, or stop by an old friend's house just to say hi. Don't wait till their birthday or another special occasion, or till they're sick, or till you need something. This was one of my New Year's resolutions and it's so fun to hear I've made someone's day just by reaching out.

Have you (or has someone else) done something today that's made your world a better place?


Lauren Baratz-Logsted said...

I'm not sure I've helped anyone today yet or if anyone's helped me but I love the hat!

Amanda Ashby said...

Wendy - how weird! I just got IMd on Facebook this morning when I was meant to be making school lunches and so I was about to ignore it when I discovered it was a very dear friend who lives in another country and who I've not spoken to in far too long.

It was awesome to reconnect and to discover that unbeknown to me, she'd been keeping track of me through my tweets. It just reminded me that our friends are still part of our life even we don't realize it.

Wendy Toliver said...

Thanks Lauren! Ha!

And Amanda, that's so cool.

Melissa Walker said...

I love these, Wendy! I have a Happiness App on my phone that reminds me of a few of these things when I click it. In a perfect world, I could just remember on my own! :)