Thursday, February 17

The Top 5 Shows I Miss

I was just lamenting the other day how all the old sitcoms my husband and I watched when we were first married have gone the way of the dino. But lo and behold... most of them can be found somewhere in Directv land in syndication! So here, as a tribute to them, are the Top 5 Shows I Miss.

5. Frasier

Was there ever a funnier, more ascerbic wit than the banter between Frasier and Niles? I think not. And Niles had the most hilarious aversions to random things. I can be a little, shall we say, particular about certain things too. (Okay, it's smells. Weird smells make me crazy. My husband calls me The Bloodhound.) So when I started getting too smell-conscious, my husband would just call me Niles.

4. Seinfeld

I can't even think of a way to describe how much I loved this show except to throw out quotes that we STILL say in our house.

"A George divided against itself, cannot stand!"

"It's a Festivus miracle!"

"You stole my Jesus fish!"

(Have you noticed how all of our favorite quotes have exclamation points? Lots of hilarity in the yelling, that Seinfeld.)

3. Everybody Loves Raymond

I'm so glad this show came along when we were 30ish instead of 20ish. I think a lot of the humor would've been lost on us before then. But get us to the same point in the marriage that Ray and Debra were--minus the inlaws across the street--and them's some guaranteed laughs right there.

"The monkey never learns."

2. The West Wing

I know what you're thinking. Hello? Not a sitcom, Kay! But this show had some of the absolute smartest and sharply funny dialogue of any show I've ever watched. Plus it was brilliantly scripted with memorable, real-life political drama and brought to life by the most amazing ensemble of actors EVER, imho. Who can forget the day Josh decided to respond to the Internet forum to "correct their mistake". Whooo boy. Or the day the group showed CJ that the world map was not what she thought it was. And, of course, the quintessential West Wing moment:

"Let Bartlet be Bartlet"

1. Friends

Hey, I'm turning 40 next month. I grew up with Friends. I loved watching Chandler and Monica fall in love. I cried when Rachel left for Paris without Ross. I never laughed so hard in all my life as I did at Joey's delayed reactions. I can still recite many of Phoebe's songs, and not just Smelly Cat. Even the horribly wrong ones like A Cow in the Meadow. You remember that one, don't you? Phoebe singing to a class of youngsters trying to keep her songs age appropriate. A huge feat for Phoebe's often off-color lyrics. So, you think she's finally got one that will charm the kids and not freak out the parents, thank goodness! Until...

"Oh, the cow in the meadow goes moo.
Oh, the cow in the meadow goes moo.
Then the farmer hits him on the head and grinds him up,
and that's how we get hamburgers.
Now, chickens!"

So those are the top 5 shows that I miss. What about you? What show do you miss the most?


Lauren Baratz-Logsted said...

I miss "Friends" too. Have you watched the new Matthew Perry show? We really liked the first episode, but last night it was up against AI, so... Also, I'm a soap opera person, so I'll always miss Santa Barbara.

T said...

oh my... I'm just dying at the memory of Phoebe's songs... that was the BEST... although Smelly Cat was good...

Just yesterday I was telling my son about the episode where Phoebe runs...

We finally just bought all the Raymond seasons on DVD - because those are always a hoot :)

Wendy Toliver said...

Definitely Friends and Frasier and Seinfeld. Going WAY back I miss Dukes of Hazard.

Amanda Ashby said...

The only reason that I don't miss Friends is because I still watch it ever single day! It's just the best show ever. My fav Phoebe song was when she was trying to get Chandler and Monica to pay her a deposit so that she could play at their wedding and she stood outside their bedroom door singing.

"We thought Phoebe would leave
But she just stayed and stayed
That's right, here all night
And Chandler will never get L..."

The main shows I miss are Buffy/Angel/Firefly and Deadwood - thank goodness for boxed sets!

Melissa Walker said...

I totally miss SEINFELD but at least CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM took the reins somewhat. I also miss MY SO-CALLED LIFE and FREAKS AND GEEKS, both canceled Way. Too. Soon.