Monday, February 21

In a Perfect World

In a perfect world...

1. I wouldn't hear lines like the one I just heard on "Morning Joe," which is playing in the background as I write this, the line that goes, "He's the one who bought the pictures of Brett Favre's private parts." I've heard references to Brett Favre's private parts - or, more familiarly, "his junk" - more than I need to in one lifetime.

2. It would not be another school-closing snow day here today, our tenth this year. Yes, I know this is Presidents' Day, but my kid's school was supposed to be open today to make up for one of the nine snow days they've already missed.

3. "Santa Barbara" would never have been canceled.

4. I would be a contestant on "Jeopardy" and "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire," affording me the dual chances to show off my polymath status *and* how generous/unspoiled I'd be if only I were ever a rich girl.

5. There would be no bullying and there would be substantially less Internet rage.

So how about you: What elements would you add to make up a perfect world?


Liana said...

free money

Helen's Book Blog said...

I live in Santa Barbara so it's funny to see someone mention our long-dead soap opera, which was, apparently a huge hit in Russia.

I'd add no poverty since that would solve so many of our problems.

Greg Logsted said...

I hate those little umbrellas they put in fancy tropical drinks. In a perfect world you'd be able to save them in your pocket and then somehow use them when it actually rains. They'd somehow expand to normal size.
Oh yeah, world peace would be nice too.

Amanda Ashby said...

In a perfect world my son would NEVER lose teeny tiny pieces of Lego that I am then forced to spend half the day looking for. Oh, and lots of chocolate, but then that's a given!!!!