Sunday, November 11

Books to Movies

Beowulf is coming!

Just thought I'd spread the word. You know, in case you hadn't already heard. This Old English epic already has critics ranting or raving, depending on who listen to, and it isn't even officially released yet. Beowulf is just the latest of a long string of literature into film. It's supposed to be really cool visually - another CG like THE POLAR EXPRESS... coincidentally another based-on-book movie.

So, all this movie adaptation talk got me thinking. What is it that makes a good movie version of a well-loved book? Is it artistic license? Cinematography? Following the heart of the book?

Did anyone read INTO THE WILD and then see the movie? It was beautifully done and just as heartbreaking on film as on paper.

Contrast that to ELLA ENCHANTED a few years back. It was a charming book, but the movie was a silly mess.

Adaptations I've loved:

My all-time favorite: SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION, based on a Stephen King novella, RITA HAYWORTH AND THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION.

Runner-up and most quotable: THE PRINCESS BRIDE

Most enjoyable Kenneth Brannaugh-directed Shakespeare: MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING


Best film-to-musical-to-film: HAIRSPRAY

And not so much:

Most questionable costuming in a book-based-film: ERAGON

Most tedious war sequences in a book-based-film: LOTR: RETURN OF THE KING

Eagerly anticipated book-to-movie: THE GOLDEN COMPASS

Book-to-movie I'd love to see done as long as they do the casting right: TWILIGHT

So what are your favorite (or least favorite) books-turned-movie? What books would you love to see on film?


Amanda Ashby said...

Gerb I was almost going to blog about Princess Bride which is my all time fav movies, but then the zombies won!!!!!

Gerb said...

I love, love, LOVE Princess Bride. Genius movie making. Genius. And such quotable quotes!

Amanda Ashby said...

I know. Just today I had to say to my son that 'I didn't mean it' and I automatically wanted to add on 'anyone want another peanut'. Just so funny!!!

Btw, I just read your question properly and I'd love to see a Georgette Heyer book made into a movie or a tv show - probably The Grand Sophy though I'd sit down and watch pretty much whatever they chose to do!

Alyson Noel said...

Hmmm, there are so many adaptations I've loved-- Mystic River and Bridget Jones Diary come to mind, and I cannot wait to see what Peter Jackson does with the Lovely Bones!

Jessica Burkhart said...

I absolutely cannot wait for THE GOLDEN COMPASS. I was beyond thrilled with they attached Nicole to the film since she's my fav actress. :)

Sara Hantz said...

I loved Bridget Jones adaptation too (and Edge of Reason). I love some of the adaptations of Pride and Prejudice. And I loved the BBC version of Rebecca.

Wendy Toliver said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Wendy Toliver said...

I didn't even know Beowulf was coming out as a movie till my DH and I were at the theater seeing Dan in Reality. I'm excited to see it, even though I haven't read the book since school. I just finished Twilight (I know, I'm a bit late) and would love to see it in movie form too. :)

Shari Green said...

One of my all-time favourite stories is Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption -- both on paper and on screen. Excellent!

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