Sunday, November 18

Love, Hate and Music

I'm the odd duck in our family. I have a love hate relationship with music.

I never knew I was this way until I met and married a musician and then had babies. I thought I loved music. I listened all the time, especially in the car. I enjoyed how music added to my life experiences. For instance, The Cars, Cars, album reminds me of being fifteen and getting my first job. ACDC's Back in black reminds me of being sixteen and hanging out with my best friends, Jay and Kenny. Great White takes me back to when my husband and I first set up house together. We would blast the music at 5am while he got ready for work.

So I loved music. WHEN I WAS IN CONTROL OF THE VOLUME. When I'm not in control of the volume, it makes me nuts to have loud music playing. Like insane. With a teenage daughter who is both a figure skater and a dancer, an eighteen year old son who plays the drums and a husband who plays the guitar, I am often subjected to loud music beyond my control. I get, "you have to hear this," all the time. No, no I don't have to hear it. GRRRRR!

I'm not stuck in the past either, my musical taste runs the gamut from Josh Groban to Fergie, from Tool to Carrie Underwood. In fact, a lot of the music I listened to in the eighties embarasses me now... think Winger, Warrant and Firehouse. Shudder. I love alternative rock, classical, classic rock and the blues...As long as I am in control of the volume!


Wendy Toliver said...

Speaking of Carrie Underwood, did anyone watch the American Music Awards last night? It was great! I loved the dresses and performances (most of them, sorry Duran Dura) and it was crazy how well Carrie Underwood (she also reigned queen at the CMAs) and Daughtry did. Man, there's something about those American Idols, eh?

Erica Orloff said...

Well, I LOVE music--loud or not.


I have one daughter who is a violinist, another who is a drummer, and a son who plays the horn. The baby bangs the drums, too. It's LOUD around here, so I just go with it.

Right now, I am into Arcade Fire, Fatboy Slim, Oakenfold, The Last Goodnight, Beck . . . and the soundtrack to Easter Promises by Howard Shore . . . .


Alyson Noel said...

I'm in love with my iPod- I admit it! It's always by my side, and I never go anywhere without it! I love how a song can transport you back to another time, so it's loaded up with everything from Chet Baker to the Clash to Vivaldi, and since I'm running out of memory, that means I need another one, right??

Amanda Ashby said...

Teri - my husband is a musician/guitar player as well and I have similiar problems with loud music - actually, I also have problems when he tried to play the accordian in bed on a sunday morning (oh, how I wish I was making it up!!). However, since I was given my iPod I've had a whole lease of life with music and it feels great!!!!

Barrie said...

Teri--I totally understand where you're coming from on the volume issue. Everyone in my family likes their music loud. Except me. I think that's one of the things I love about my ipod. I choose the song. I choose the volume. :)

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