Monday, November 12

Make room for the romantic comedies!!!!

Movie week...... hurray...... I LOVE going to the movies, and have been known to see a movie I love 8 times at the cinema and then buy it on DVD (and then wear it out!!!)

My taste in movies, however, isn't that broad. I mainly watch romantic comedies, chick flicks and musicals. Why??? I think it's because over the years I have worked in some fairly stressful jobs, so whenever I go to the movies I want to be able to laugh, relax and feel all warm and squidgy. I don't want to leave the movies feeling wound up and tense.

And in my favourite movies, I have my favourite parts. In Love Actually (best movie ever, ever ever) I adore the bit when Colin Firth is in the restaurant asking the girl to marry him. In Notting Hill (another totally fabulous movie) I love at the end during the news conference when Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts are smiling at each other, totally oblivous to the flashing cameras. In Pretty Woman when Richard Gere sees Julia Roberts in the bar all dressed up (for the first time) it gets me every time. In Calimity Jane (got to adore the oldies) it's so awesome when Doris Day takes off her old army coat to reveal how gorgeous she really is....... I could go on forever.....

So, tell me some favourite movie clips of yours.


Christina Phillips said...

oh yup. I love love love Love, Actually and Notting Hill. Just lately though I've been watching Serenity. *Frequently*. It's my husband's default movie at the moment. But with the adorable Nathan Fillion filling lots of screen time, who am I to complain?

Gerb said...

One of my favorite romantic comedies of all time is Return to Me with David Duchovny and Minnie Driver. The scene where DD comes home after his wife dies and tries to tell the dog she's not coming back is one of the most convincing guy-crying scene I've ever seen. Heart wrenching. And the rest of the movie is so sweet and funny. I loved Carol O'Connor and his Irish Italian restaurant, and all his cronies. Too funny.

More recently, we loved Music and Lyrics... except that my youngest, ran around singing Pop Goes My Heart for weeks after we first bought the DVD. Oy.

Oh, and No Reservations. I really liked that one, too.

And what was the one with Reese Witherspoon a little while ago where she is the doctor who doesn't quite die and falls in love with the guy in her apartment? Just like Heaven? I loved when he makes the rooftop garden for her. Sigh.

Oh, and Queen Latifa in The Last Holiday. Loved when Gerard Depardieu (not the love interest, but still) has her cooking with him in the kitchen and he's crying into the soup, trying *not* to tell her he knows she's going to die.

And, and, AND!!! My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Loved the soooo much about that one from the Windex cures to John Corbett getting baptized in the kiddie pool, to the aunt "yes, I had a twin." "One more big one!"

And speaking of Nia Vardalos, has anyone seen Connie and Carla? I nearly missed that one, but my sister sent me the DVD. Hilarious. David Duchovny's the love interest in that one, too.

I could go on and on. Obviously, I love romantic comedies.

So many great movies, so little time!


Sara Hantz said...

Gerb.... yes, yes, yes... I agree with all yours. Just Like Heaven is such a great movie. And I've remembered another one I love.... Wimbledon... that is so cool. And what about Keeping the Faith, I love that one too.......

Amanda Ashby said...

Christina, you SOOOOOOOO have to get Firefly. I'm telling you that there is nothing better than seeing Nathan Fillion WITH NO CLOTHES ON.

Melissa Walker said...

I could watch the prom scene in Pretty in Pink over and over again (um, and I have!). Duckie's friendship, Stef's blatant a-holery, Blaine's whispered "I love you... always." And a great soundtrack to boot!

Jessica Burkhart said...

I can watch any scenes with Johnny Depp over and over again... LOL

bevrosenbaum said...

Gah! How can you possibly choose your fave movies? There are way too many! Among my many and eclectic faves: Roman Holiday and Little Miss Sunshine!

Alyson Noel said...

Well, I really wanted to list all of these wonderful movie clips. . .but my mind is totally blank (and not in a Zen way either!)-- so I'll just say that as far as rom coms go-- I love Breakfast at Tiffany's, Bridget Jones Diary, and High Fidelity. I know there's tons more. . .but that's all I can come up with at the moment!

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