Friday, January 7

Good News...and good-bye

Happy Friday, everyone! Today's post is bittersweet for me, as it will be my last for the TFC blog. But, my reasons for good-bye are based around good news, so, no tears.

Though I did not have a book out in 2010, it was a big year for me. I finished up work on what will be my fourth YA novel - How to Save a Life. I am so excited about this book. Writing it, researching it, revising it, working on it with my editor...all of that was pretty much a joy. Or at least much a "joy" as writing can be, for me. It will be out about a year from now, so, still a ways to wait!

In 2010, I was also a judge for the National Book Awards, and that, along with wrapping up HTSAL, took the majority of my energy. It was a huge honor, though.

My third book, Once Was Lost, won the Utah Book Award late in the year, which was a thrill. (And it was just released in paperback - I'm celebrating all month with giveaways at my blog.)

Other great stuff, like opportunities to teach, and to write in new areas, came my way. And I'm trying to plan 2011 around trying new things and continuing to stretch myself and take risks.

All good things. But, I've got the same 24 hours in the day I had before, and am adding a bunch of new goals. Therefore, I have to let go of some other activities, no matter much I've enjoyed them. Such as blogging at TFC.

I'll miss all my fellow bloggers here, and the readers! Thanks so much, Teen Fiction Cafe, for including me in your community the last couple of years. I'll look forward to celebrating and chatting with you in 2011 as a follower if not a contributor.

Happy new year! And stay in touch - I'm @sarazarr on twitter, and my online home base is


Alyson Noel said...

So sorry to see you go, but wish you all the best on your new ventures, and really looking forward to HOW TO SAVE A LIFE!!!

You will be missed!!

B. A. Binns said...

All the best. I have mostly lurked, but enjoyed your posts. Good luck for the future.

Unknown said...

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E.M. Kokie said...

Always appreciate your thoughtful and thought provoking posts, here and elsewhere. But I applaud making quality of life time choices. Good for you. :)

Looking forward to HOW TO SAVE A LIFE.

Gerb said...

We will miss you, Sarah. I admire you and your writing so much. Happiness and success moving forward.I'll be watching for HOW TO SAVE A LIFE next year.

Sara Z. said...

Thanks, everyone. It's been super fun.

B.A. - Nice to see you here. Congrats on PULL!

Wendy Toliver said...

Oh Sara, so sad to see you go but I know our paths will still cross, even if it's me stalking you all over Utah. :) Thanks so much for all your interesting, thought-provoking posts and for being such a great novelist. As others have said, I look forward to reading How to Save a Life.

Amanda Ashby said...

Sara - so sad to see you go! But it sounds like you've got loads of new adventures planned, which I know are going to lead you to exciting new places!!!!!!

Melissa Walker said...

Sara, so glad your year was awesome! Can't wait for HOW TO SAVE A LIFE, and so happy it was a joy to work on. That's the BEST.

Kay Cassidy said...

You will be missed, Sara! Best wishes for a streamlined writing life. :-)