Monday, May 5

The Bad Boy Curse

Yep, it was a curse growing up crushing on the bad boys. 

Was it the independence that drew me in like a magnet? The loner attitude? The do-what-you-want persona?

Not sure. All I do know is that it was the the ones who acted like they didn't care what people thought of them, the ones who had their own style and attitude, who made my heart beat fast.

Unfortunately, the crushes I had in high school would often land me in trouble, too, breaking curfew, sneaking to parties, smoking (yes, I dropped that like a very bad habit!), and witnessing rumbles. And even though, I learned my lesson again and again, I still write about bad boys in my books.

Some really bad, some not so bad.

Because once you got the Bad Boy curse, it doesn't go away so easily.

I guess that's why I married one...

My husband was the last high school bad boy I dated, with the hot fast car, tattoos at eighteen, and a tough as nails rumbler. I met him in high school, started dating him the summer of graduation, and married him three years later.

I have to admit he grew out of the parties, the fighting, and he doesn't just do what he wants anymore, but he still likes fast rides and the tattoos keep him covered.

I'm glad I found the one bad boy who ended up not being so bad after all. :)


Wendy Toliver said...

Ah yes, bad boys were a weakness of mine too. I think it's because I was, in everybody's eyes, a "good girl," and I loved being on the arm of a guy who I could go anywhere with and no one would give us any trouble.

Erica Orloff said...

Oh . . . well, my FIRST marriage was to a bad boy. I thought it was sexy that he was so jealous, wore a leather jacket, used to be in a gang, and liked fighting.

Suffice it to say, I ended up being a single mother of an infant daughter with more holes in the walls of my house than I could count--punched in by him. I left him . . . and was "through" with bad boys.

Fast forward three MORE kids and 15 years later. I'm with a "teddy bear" kind of guy. Twice the size of bad boy, but generally without a mean bone in his body.

I see the allure of the bad boy. But I am mighty glad I outgrew them.

Melissa Walker said...

I'm engaged to one... but he has a REALLY big soft side.

Amanda Ashby said...

Kelly all I can say is that I hope you keep on writing your bad boy heroines because they are hot!!!!!

Alyson Noel said...

I wasn't into the bad boys so much as the deep, intense, artist types--and if they were European, or just recently traveled through Europe, even better!

Sara Hantz said...

Dabbled on the fringes of bad-boydom, but nothing much..... too afraid of what my parents might say...... eldest child syndrome!!!

Kelly Parra said...

Wendy, high school was just full of bad boys. haha!
Erica, I'm glad you find the perfect guy!
Sounds great, Melissa!

Kelly Parra said...

haha! Thanks, Amanda!!
They sound nice, Alyson!
Sara, I understand!