Friday, May 23

Promo Week!

Hi, all! I am stealing a moment on the school's computer on my "break" during a school visit to Bellefontaine schools. It's been a fun day! Want a laugh? Head over to my blog and check out what my son put up for our Freebie Friday. LOL (I was rushing to get to the school for this visit and asked him to please put up the blog post for me.) He's acting as my assistant through this book launch thing and I think he likes the power just a little too much.  : )

So, in keeping with my dear son's idea, to win a copy of DEATH BY BIKINI, tell me who you would have play the main character in your favorite book. Bonus points if you've read DEATH BY BIKINI and can suggest casting for Aphra and Seth. (And if you have already read DEATH BY BIKINI and don't need another copy, I can send you BREAKING DAWN, the Borders Exclusive anthology on the TWILIGHT series.)

Back to presentations! Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!!!


Liviania said...

My favorite book is WATERSHIP DOWN, so I'll choose something easier to cast.I really enjoy Michele Jaffe's Kitty books and think Amanda Bynes would make a wonderful Jas.  She's a fantastic and charming comedian.  Dadzilla would be played by Tim Allen because I think he would bring humor to the role but still be able to play it fairly straight.

Breanna said...

I already posted my movie cast list on your blog. I should totally do it again here to up my chances.

lol could I even do that?

Gerb said...

Livania, I could see that!

Breanna, sure! Post both places. : )

Breanna said...


Alright on here I'll do Just Listen by Sarah Dessen.

For Annabel: Maybe Hayden Panettiere
(I don't know, thats a tough one. I'm drawing a blank)

For Owen: Maybe Jon Foster
(okay, he was hard too.)

I picked a sucky one, lol. Maybe I can think of better actors later.

Breanna said...

I found a better guy to play Owen, lol. Dustin Milligan, he's actually how I pictured Owen when I was reading the book.

Sara Hantz said...

Story of a Girl by Sara Zarr..... I'd like to see Rachel Bilson play the main character.

Melissa Walker said...

In Kelly's Graffiti Girl, I'd love to see America Ferrara in that role (is she too old now??!)

danetteb said...

I just finished reading
Adios to My Old Life by Caridad Ferrer and I could see Vanessa Hudgens as the main character Ali Montero.

Hugs, Danette