Friday, May 2

Like A (Rock) Star

My best friend and I have this pact, one we made years ago that we've renewed many times since. Both of us have vowed that in our next lives we're going to come back as rock stars. And no, we're not joking, we're dead serious. We even pinkie swore, which proves just how serious we are. The men in our lives laugh, like we're joking. But we know we aren't. We told them they could come back as hot chicks and be our main squeeze.

And rather than explain why we're so dead set on this, the photos below should pretty much sum it up:

Have you ever seen anything more beautiful, more glorious, more free (more blurry, thanks blogger!)??

There's just something about the swagger, the scarves, the smoke machines, the tour bus, the backstage antics, the hotel room destroying, and, of course, the music that's just so dang intriguing.

I love music, always have. I love my old album covers, love studying liner notes and memorizing the lyrics. love playing certain favored songs over and over again, only to tire of it, move onto something else, then rediscover it a year or so later and start the process all over again. I love the way a three minute song can say so much, tell an entire story, a story that takes me 300 pages to unfold!

I love the way music can both document your life and change your life. And if I was ever going to write a memoir, it'd consist of one very long, chronologically arranged, play list, marking all the major events of my life.

And that's why I want to be a rock star, so I can create those kinds of stories, the ones that change a mood in an instant just be being played.

Well, that and the scarves.

So tell me, who do you want to be in your next life?? (You don't have to believe in these things to play!)


Kelly Parra said...

When I was younger I wanted to be a real, eccentric artist. Just all about the art and not have to worry about bills and money, just to create and be successful! haha. So I guess that's what I'd want to be. :)

Gerb said...

Ummm... I think I want to come back as Bella Swan only not quite as spineless or clumsy. : )

Samantha said...

^^ I'm so glad I'm not the only one to think that Bella is spineless!


I'd want to come back as a figure skater, there hasn't been a time in my life where I haven't envied figure skaters.

Amanda Ashby said...

I'm coming back as Mrs David Boreanaz!!!!!!

Little Willow said...

In this lifetime, I want to be successful in my chosen fields, well-regarded and respected. I'd LOVE to be compared to Gene Kelly and known as a modern female version of him - director, actor, choreographer, singer, and dancer - in addition to my writing - screenwriter, playwright, journalist, and novelist.

Alyson Noel said...

Kelly- Um, I want to be that right now! Is it too late?

Gerb- Yah, she's a little wishy washy- but Edward's pretty dreamy!

Samantha- I am the world's worst skater- all inverted ankles and wobbly knees! Maybe you can be my coach in the next life!

Amanda- Dang- you beat me to it!

Little Willow- In my book, you ARE Gene Kelly! Rock on!

Melissa Walker said...

I'm coming back as someone graceful and kind and elegant, like my grandmother. Or maybe I'll just strive to be more like her NOW.

Or as a princess.


I LOVE THIS POST! That said, I think I'd rather come back as a fly on the wall of a rock-star's bedroom (or private jet or hotel room or rehearsal space or whatever)—preferably a quiet, unobtrusive fly that doesn't get itself swatted at/squashed. I'm more interested in reading Us Weekly than being in the headlines, y'know? :)

Gerb said...

>>> Edward's pretty dreamy!<<<

I suppose... but I don't like who Bella is with him. For me, it's all about Jake. : )

That said, I can't wait to see the Twilight movie. The snatches of Bella and Edward in the trailer are swoon worthy!

Alyson Noel said...

Melissa- That is so sweet! I'd settle for just graceful-- I'm a total klutz!

Alexa- Okay, but um, just make sure it's not MY hotel room, K? Though you're free to head over to my rock star rivals!

Gerb- Ah, so you hanker for the werewolf! Can't wait to see the movie either, though I've yet to see a trailer- I'll be on the lookout now!

Trish Doller said...

Bob Marley.

Alyson Noel said...

Trish- Good one! Marley rocked!

Sara Hantz said...

I'm coming back as Barbara Streisand..... her voice..... OMG!!!!