Monday, May 12

Survivor girls and TV finales

It's season finale season on TV this month. Last night--Survivor and Brothers & Sisters said goodbye for the season.


Did anyone else watch Survivor this season? The women (woo hoo!) completely killed the boys. Killed 'em. They played the same tricks over and over again and the guys kept falling for it. There were four women in the final four and it was like a girl power celebration. :)

Parvati (who played the most visible, tough, masterful game) won the $1,000,000 while Amanda (who played a quieter, less in your face game) got second. The jury obvious rewarded Parvati for playing the game hard and executing some of the most exciting moves in Survivor history. So, we had the first female Biggest Loser this year and now a female final four? Niiice. :)

And now back on track.

So, yeah, it's almost the end of scripted TV season. But the finales do lead to something summer reality TV! I can't wait for So You Think You Can Dance? on May 22 and The Mole on June 2. I was a huge Mole fan when it was on (what, at least 3-4 years ago?) and am excited that it's back. It's definitely a guilty pleasure show kind of like Big Brother which happens to be coming back in July. A little too soon? Yeah, I think so. Especially since I couldn't find anyone to really root for in the last BB season.

What summer shows are you excited to see? What's your take on last night's Survivor finale?


Emily Marshall said...

I'm not a Survivor girl, haven't been into it for many seasons. But I CAN'T WAIT for So You Think You Can Dance and The Mole. So, so, so excited. I can't believe they are finally doing another Mole. My husband starting seeing the subliminal clips on the TV of the thumb print at first and I thought it was a joke. But I'm so glad it's coming back. Granted it won't be the same without Anderson Cooper (as was the celebrity version, which I didn't like as well). But still, I'm excited. And I'm always excited about SYTYCD.

Alea said...

Can't wait for So You Think You Can Dance! I love that show!

Stephanie Reed said...

I loved The Mole, too, and I'm excited that it's back. My husband can't stand the subliminal "The Mole is watching" one-second ad campaign. He was a marketing major so you'd think he would love it.

I like SYTYCD, too, except for Mary's grating voice.

Thanks for commenting on my blog!

bevrosenbaum said...

Quit reality/talent shows cold turkey this season! Am pretty much down to Reaper and The Office! (And a bunch of toons, as I'm doing some TV toon writing now!)

Jessica Burkhart said...

Emily, when I first starting seeing the thumb print on TV it flashed so fast I thought I was crazy. Such a great marketing idea!

Alea, me too! :)

Stephanie, yay for another Mole fan! And yes, Mary's scream is a little much now, LOL.

I never grew out of cartoons, Bev!

Sara Hantz said...

No idea what The Mole is but they showed So You Think You Can Dance USA over here last year and I loved it. We've just had the
Australian version which I got into toward the end.

Brenda said...

I watched Survivor until last night...I couldn't keep my eyes open...was so mad when I woke up and the news was on...argh...

I was happy to see the women take over and I love the biggest loser and was so happy a woman won finally!

I did like the Mole when it was on a few years ago and may watch it again...

Have no interet in watching SYTYCD...

The Bachelorette will be starting up soon and I tend to watch it...don't know why, but I do...

Lilfix (blue boards)

Adaora A. said...

I just watched the finale of THE BACHELOR: LONDON CALLING. I enjoyed it. It's the only season (beside Andy Baldwin's), which had me hookline and sinker till the end. This was Matt Grant's, English accent and all. He picked Shayne/Shane (can't remember how to spell herf name), and it was wonderful. I think she was the best fit, and I secretly did a happy dance to see that my age mate (well I'm 22 in October), won.


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