Wednesday, June 25

First Crush

The most obvious crush for me to talk about is my long standing adoration of all things David Boreanaz, however, let's face it I'm not really a sharer, so I might just keep him to myself and talk about my first crush instead.

I was eight and it was on Will Robinson from the television show Lost in Space. God I loved that guy, and you know I really feel that he loved me as well. Yes, distance was a problem. I was in Australia and he was, well, Lost in Space, but when something is true and real you don't let details like that get in the way.

And actually, my crush on Will was probably a clue that I was meant to be a writer because the things I did to that boy. I broke his leg numerous times just so I could look after him. I think I gave him measles once as well because I figured hey, he's already got freckles, what's the difference. In fact I think I had about two happy years with Will before those Hardy Boys came along and my fickle heart was distracted by becoming Mrs Parker Stevens. I have had crushes on real people as well, but they were a bit harder. I mean I've got a reasonably bendy imagination but it's hard to dream about a boy when you've seen him pick his nose in the playground and then go and fart on someone's head.

So what about everyone else? Was your first crush on someone real, or a celebrity?


Cara King said...

Um, I kind of liked Mr. Spock when I was in grade school. And that Luke Skywalker was kind of cute, too.

(Can you tell I'm a geek?)

Speaking of which...David Boreanaz. Nice. Nice as Angel, nice as Booth.

BTW, Amanda, did you ever watch Babylon 5? Did Billy Mumy do anything for you there? ;-)


Amanda Ashby said...

Cara - geeks unite! I loved Luke when I was young but as I got older, that Harrison sort of took over! And yeah, DB is pretty amazing as Angel and Booth. Oh, no I've never seen Babylon 5, which means I must google to see how the years have been to my first crush!!!!

Gerb said...

My first crush was in third grade. His name was Mickey (I am not kidding) and he was in my class. He had curly brown hair and freckles and what I thought was an incredible smile. I remember going all tingly when we had the square-dance unit in P.E. and we had to grasp hands during the allemandes and dosidoes.: )

Alyson Noel said...

I too wanted to be Mrs. Parker Stevenson! But my very first crush-- hmmm, Ringo Starr, straight from one of my older sister's album covers . . .

Melissa Walker said...

I was really into Sean Astin in GOONIES (before he became a Hobbit..)

Cara King said...

Amanda, here's Bill Mumy as an alien in Babylon 5:

And him as himself, now:

I've heard him play with his band at SF cons -- they're good!

Cara (the geek)

Sara Hantz said...

First crush..... dare I mention it here.... David Cassidy... I used to love watching the Partridge Family on TV.... I was VERY young at the time!!

Amanda Ashby said...

Gerb - oh, my goodness I'd forgotten about the square dancing. I think my partner had warts on his hand!!!!

Alyson - as my husband often likes to remind me, you can't go wrong with falling for a Scouser!

Melissa - I really must watch the Goonies at some stage!

Cara - wow, thanks so much for the links! I'm so pleased he survived all those broken legs that I gave him!!!!!!!

Sara - finally we agree on a guy - David Cassidy was gorgeous!!!