Thursday, June 26

Summer Crushes


This is a repeat of a blog post I did for YAEnchanting Reviews a while ago. But the answers can be fun, so here we go...

In my latest book, DEATH BY BIKINI, Aphra Connoly must decide if the new hot boy on the
island is worth the trouble he and his family bring to her dad's
exclusive resort. But then, Aphra develops a rather serious crush...
is her judgment impaired?

Crushes truly have a power all their own. Behavior we would normally,
as sane people, never exhibit, we come to find is second nature.
Couple that with the romance power of summer nights and watch out! For
the entire summer break, you might not be in control of your actions.

I lived in a college town. Every summer, that college would host
sports camps... which meant a new crop of boys every couple of weeks!
This was mostly just a fun diversion - crashing the summer dances,
flirting with the guys - a new COW (Crush of the Week) every seven days, but there was one boy...

I don't remember anything about him except his pretty green eyes and
the way he walked - with a little bit of a lilt on the upstep. So
cute. I followed him all over campus the week he was there. Missed
work, stayed out after curfew, got a nasty sunburn watching him
practice baseball. All for a crush that would only last seven days.

But you know what? It was a fun seven days! Nothing quite matches the
thrill of a summer crush.

So, tell me: what stupid things have you done in the name of a summer
crush? Come on, come clean!

* Image from SUMMER RAIN, 2007


Anonymous said...

I went to a couple JV soccer games--even away ones--and would sit and watch the JV team play so I could see a particular blonde haired guy that was too hot for his own good. And then I'd leave when the varsity team was starting and everyone else was just showing up! I wonder if he figured it out?

Melissa Walker said...

i pretended to like crabbing on the edge of a dock at camp, just to be near him. truth was, i was grossed out by the crabs... but he made up for it.

Erica Orloff said...

I don't know that I did anything stupid--but moon over a boy for most of a summer. I fell "madly in love" with a man from Germany when I was 15. He was maybe 19 or 20, and was the "sensitive" type, a conscientious objector to service in the army there, as I recall . . . a poet, kept a journal. He was traveling through the U.S. and after we met was off to another city and then another. He sent me postcards, and I remember spending ALL summer just daydreaming about him endlessly. Sigh.

Gerb said...

Ha, Anonymous. You'll make sure he doesn't know even now, huh?

Melissa, must have been some guy to make you sit around crabbing!

Ooh, the ones who aren't around are the most romantic, Erica. I wonder why that is? : )

Sara Hantz said...

I remember being with my friends and following our crushes around town all day..... 'accidentally' bumping into them on several occasions!!

Jessica Burkhart said...

I washed my Dad's car EVERY day so he'd see me outside. :) LOL

Liviania said...

Usually the silliest thing I did was developing the crush. But I love having crushes. They're more simple than real relationships. You're kind of giddy and silly but you're safe because you know nothing is going to happen. Well, except for your friends teasing you mercilessly when your taste betrays you.

Amanda Ashby said...

I never crush and tell, but my heroine, Mia Everett, was trying to get her crush to notice her and accidently turned her entire school into zombies instead, which as far as dumb things goes, has to rank quite highly!!!!!

Breanna said...

I was majorly crushing on a guy that worked at Albertsons (A grocery store if you haven't heard of it before) during the Summer of my freshman year. He was sooooooooo cute. Haha, anyway I would go there like everyday just to see if I could catch a glimpse of him or even be able to talk him. That was such an interesting Summer. I'd even walk there if I had nothing else to do. The store was a mile from my house so by the time I got there I looked pretty crappy. But it was still worth it just to catch a glimpse of him. Ah I miss those days. I wonder what he's doing now.


Alyson Noel said...

Sat in front of his locker every day before school, just waiting for him to show up so I could drool . . .

Carol said...

I use to get other guys to chase me around the school and every time I ran past my crush I would yell out "Help Me!" and he always did. The first time I did that he thought I was crazy (I probably was) but afterwards I think he looked forward to it.

Gerb said...

Hi from Scotland, you guys!

Sara, yeah, I did that bumping into guys thing too!

Hehe. So did your dad appreciate all that car washing, Jessica?

Liviana - you said it. Crushes are a rush. Not always sustainable, but that's part of the fun - they don't have to be.

Ha, Amanda. Actually, there were times when I would have liked to turn my whole school into zombies! But not for a crush.

Oh, Brianna... I can just see you stalking him through the produce section... And yup, I know Alberstons. I grew up in Utah and we had them there.

You think he ever figured out all that locker standing, Alyson? I'm sure the drool was a dead giveaway. : )

Ah. Carol's clever! Get other guys involved. Good one.

Lenore said...

I guess I left out a tiny detail in my story over at your website. You see, we actually parted ways with cute boy before we realized we had missed our last train. He was actually going in the opposite direction, so we ran to see if we could catch him. He was just getting on his last train and the doors were about to close. I told my friend to run and we both made it on the train, but she was in the car behind me and was freaking out because of some unsavory men in there (after midnight in downtown paris). At the next stop, she joined us and was none too happy. So yeah, that was me going pretty far in order to hang out with cute guy some more.