Friday, June 13

Surviving Adolescence: My Room

As a mom of four, the idea that my bedroom is my sanctuary is . . . well, laughable. By the time I am done with dinner, clean-up, laundry, writing, answering emails, homework duty, putting my Demon Baby to bed, and all the rest of it, and get into my bed, all I want to do is collapse in quiet and read. But then starts the older ones tromping in. This one wants to talk about boy problems. This one about his evil science teacher. This one about . . . life in elementary school. So I put my book down and talk. Because I know too well that someday, they will all be gone and no one will want to talk to me.

But when I was a teenager? My bedroom was my sanctuary. My escape from my FAMILY. Much as I loved them, I just wanted to be ALONE. It helped that my room was in the finished basement. I had my own bathroom, and it was quiet down there. I could cocoon all I wanted. I could read. Play my clock radio. (I know . . . dating myself here. Now, of course, I have a killer stereo and iPod.) Talk to my boyfriend on the phone. In other words, HIDE.

Better yet, when the weekend came, I could SLEEP. Right now, I have sleep lust. Between four kids and deadlines, sleep is something I crave.

But back then . . . I could sleep in until noon.

I wouldn't want to go through high school again. But sometimes I find myself wishing for that old cave of a room of mine.

Anyone else treasure their room in their teenage years?


Melissa Walker said...

OMG, YES! My room was just the best place ever. I can still picture my '57 Chevy phone (no joke--it flashed headlights and had a honking ring) and my bulletin board full of notes and dried corsages. Sigh. I wish it were preserved, but my parents sold my house and bought a sailboat to live on when I graduated. Talk about displacement! Still, it got me through those years...

Erica Orloff said...

OH! My corsages . . . yes. LOL!


Alea said...

YES! I'd vanish for hours into my room! Actually, I still do at age 24 (blushes)

Erica Orloff said...

If I COULD, I promise you, I would too.


Gerb said...

I shared a room with my sister until I was a junior in HS, but even so, YES. It was a place we could both escape. Preferably alone, but at times out of necessity, together. My sanctuary now is my office... but it's not quite the same.

Sara Hantz said...

Oh yes.... I loved my bedroom. I'd stay in there and read for hours on end.

Erica Orloff said...

My office is often invaded by my kids--their computer is in there so I see who they are talking to on the Internet. I wouldn't have it differently, but it's not quite the sanctuary I crave!


Erica Orloff said...

Books and reading were my escape, too.

Amanda Ashby said...

I loved my room and thought it was so cool. I had men's ties hanging from the wall with all my badges on them and I think I sprayed painted a sneaker silver for a pencil holder. Oh yes, very stylish!!!!

Alyson Noel said...

Ah, yes, I loved my room! Shag carpet, walls covered with photographs, a stereo, my own phone line, and books!! The perfect hideout!