Thursday, August 28

Childhood Friendship

I've had only a handful of monumental friendships in my life. I moved around a lot as a kid, so the friendships that meant the most would stay with me for years. Sadly, I have lost contact with most childhood best friends, but I did find one on the Internet after 12 years apart. When we were able to talk on the phone we chatted late into the night. It was as if those 12 years without talking had never happened. She sounded the same. She laughed the same. We talked like best friends again.

Some random (and embarassing) memories from our childhood...

We'd met at the young age of 6 when I had lived down the street from her. I remember walking down the suburban street to home. The sun on our faces and the road empty of traffic, linking arms and kicking up our feet like show girls singing, "New Yooooork, New Yooooork! Start spreading the neeeeews. I'm leaving today!!!!!!"

There was a neighborhood boy, probably twice my age who I was convinced was the cutest boy next to Kirk Cameron. *snicker* Every time we'd walk by his house, I'd get the silly grin and the, "ooooh __(insert boy's name)__" For the life of me I cannot recall his name now.

We were very much into Grease and imitating the Pink Ladies Pledge. "The Pink Ladies pledge is to look cool. To act cool. And to be cool." With fingers in the shape of a vee sliding across our eyes, and the jerk of our heads and hips.

Then there was Madonna. Singing to her songs and dancing wildly in the front room with the music blaring. I had the maddest crush on Michael Jackson. Yes, forgive me. As a young girl, I practiced his dance moves across the floor. Yes, even the moonwalk and toe stand.

We dressed up. We played Barbies. We played restaurant because her mother was a caterer. We played house. We wrote stories. We imagined and we dreamed.

I miss her. I miss the fun we had as innocent childhood friends. But I know these memories will always be fresh in my heart. :)


Wendy Toliver said...

Great post! Can you still do the moon walk, Kelly? :)

TJ Brown said...

It's funny how some friendships never change, no matter how long you've spent apart!

Kelly Parra said...

LOL, Wendy! I think I never really did it, just slid my socks against the floor. *snicker*
Very true, Teri!

Sara Hantz said...

I can so picture you doing the sliding sock moon walk, Kelly!

Kelly Parra said...

LOL! That must be my big confession of the month!

Alyson Noel said...

What a nice post, Kelly!
Thanks to the Internet, I've connected with a few long lost childhood friends and it's been one of the coolest things ever. There's nothing like those old friendships!

Melissa Walker said...

Fabulous post, and what an image!

Kelly Parra said...

Great, Alyson, thanks! The net reaches everywhere. :)
Thanks, Melissa!