Wednesday, August 13

Promo: Women Who Rock Wednesdays!

This isn't the usual kind of promo, I suppose, since I'm not talking about my book, but this is something I'm really proud of. I've created a new feature on my blog called WOMEN WHO ROCK WEDNESDAY! Every Wednesday, I'll be talking up a talented woman (writers, musicians, artists, designers, whoever happens to be rockin' my world at the moment) and in many cases, I will actually be talking to her and doing fabulous giveaways. I just posted my very first WWR Interview blog (WWR- Woman Who Rocks- is the new BFF, I swear. Start using it regularly so it catches on!) today. Carrie Borzillo-Vrenna came to visit and she's giving away a copy of her awesome rock'n'roll girl guide, Cherry Bomb, so come read all about it and enter to win!

This is my way of counteracting the Mean Girl mentality by celebrating other women for their talents rather than cutting them down like too many girls do to make themselves feel better. So I hope you'll come celebrate amazing women with me every Wednesday from now on!

And of course the rock'n'roll theme does relate a little bit to my book I WANNA BE YOUR JOEY RAMONE. I don't have any new news about IWBYJR, but for those of you who finished the book and want to read some deleted scenes, you can check those out on the outtakes section of my website!

Ooh and feel free to suggest some Women Who Rock to me that I should check out and if I enjoy them as much as you, have as future guests/featured artists on my blog!


Jessica Burkhart said...

Oooh! Off to check out that link! :)

Alyson Noel said...

GREAT idea! I'm heading over there now to check it out!

Gerb said...

What a fabulous idea! I love it. Off to be inspired by WWR!!!

Melissa Walker said...

Such a great series. Woohoo!

Suggestion: robin benway, author of "audrey, wait!"

Sara Hantz said...

LOVE the idea.... off to check it out!