Friday, September 26

Anything Goes: TGIF!

No, I don't mean Thank Goodness It's Friday, I mean Thank Goodness It's Fall!!!

Since it's Anything Goes week here on TFC. I thought I'd take the time to celebrate the beginning of my favorite season! Now there are a lot of things I like about summer, like vacations and gardening and beaches, but I'm not a big fan of extremely hot and humid days. Growing up in the Midwest, I've come to loathe winter (every year I swear I'll be in a warmer locale the next year) and spring just doesn't cut it after those long winter months. Fall is just the one for me.

For one, fall weather is my kind of weather. Hoodies and boots, I missed you and am so happy to wear you again! And maybe I'm a freak, but since I kinda liked school and learning, fall seems to motivate me to get more reading and writing done. And the air just smells so good! And harvest! And changing leaves! And, best of all, Halloween!!!

One of my dearest friends/former roommate was in town at the beginning of the week and we wanted to celebrate the first full day of fall by going to a farm with a pumpkin patch and a corn maze that we'd discovered a few years back. So I thought I was going to have all kinds of cool fall pictures to share with you, but alas... They don't open until next week!

So instead, here are some photos from my last adventure to the pumpkin patch and corn maze:
Yeah, we went late in the season, the patch was a little picked over, but there was plenty to buy!

I know the Corn Maze looks pretty basic, but we actually got kind of lost in there and a little bit freaked out!And most important, the bounty of pumpkins and gourds:

And a fall blog would not be complete without one embarrassing childhood Halloween photo:
This was taken in fifth grade. I'm the chick in the box (See how I was way tiny back then! Shorter than all my friends and even my little brother! I hated it!). I'm supposed to be a TV. I tended toward costumes that involved either boxes or posterboard back then. I was a playing card (the Queen of Hearts of course) in 4th grade, a dye (as in dice, but singular!) in sixth grade (and I think we reused the same box as the TV). My costumes may not have been masterpieces, but I was creative! Clearly my little brother (who is all the way to the right) also liked using cardboard for his costumes. He's supposed to be a ketchup bottle. It was hard to walk in that costume for him and at one point he tipped right over. I'm ashamed to admit that I was an awful big sister and me and my friends laughed at him for a minute before helping him up.

But today I'm making it up to him by publically embarrassing him in another way: I want to share how proud I am of that little ketchup bottle.... err my brother Dan, who passed his Bar exam in the state of Missouri and was officially recognized (or licensed or however that works...) in a ceremony today as a lawyer! So yay, Dan!!!!

Everyone congratulate my brother and share your favorite things about fall, past Halloween costumes, and future Halloween plans (I think I'm going to be a roller derby girl this year!).


Meredith said...

Congrats, Dan!!

Let's see how many of my costumes I can remember. I was:
a teddy bear
a wizard
a dog groomer
a sixteenth note
a gymnast
an M&M
an undead teenager (I had flour all over me and my old backpack)

Wow. I have a bad memory. I can't seem to remember. Because I know that I went trick-or-treating at least 12 years with costumes that I remember--some with the help of pictures. I should start keeping better track of these kinds of things.


Amanda Ashby said...

We didn't really celebrate Halloween in Australia so I've never been trick or treating - though I'm all for people giving me chocolate and candy!!!!

Alyson Noel said...

I love Fall too--the clothes, the weather, it's all good!

As for Halloween, my best ever was a flapper costume I wore when I was five. My mom spent hours making it and it was amazing! I'd love to have that fringe covered dress today--in a much larger size of course!

Sara Hantz said...

Halloween wasn't a big deal in the UK either.... I wish it had been though!!!

Stephanie Kuehnert said...

Alyson and Meredith, great costumes!!!

Amanda and Sara, I am so sad for you! I can't imagine Halloween not being celebrated. It's my favorite holiday! Chocolate and dressing up and spooky things, how can you get any better! You need to start a trend in your respective countries and start celebrating!

Melissa Walker said...

Yay for Dan!

I always wanted to be a Punk as my costume, but each year I decided to "save it" for a more special year... hence, it never came to be. SAD. But I lived that dream a few Halloweens ago, complete with spiky dyed mohawk held up with Elmer's Glue. A total blast.