Tuesday, June 15

Blogs & Websites: Cheating on TFC

It's likely that all the contributing bloggers here at TFC have other individual blogs or group blogs where they post. My own moonlighting gig is at BiblioBuffet, an online magazine for booklovers. I write the "Writer-in-Residence" column there every two weeks; for example, All We Are Saying is Give Pink a Chance, which details my thoughts on hatred for the color pink in the world in general and in publishing in particular. Sometimes the focus of my pieces is adult fiction, or even nonfiction, but there are a few that might be of interest to lovers of YA, such as:

Ah, Dystopia!, which analyzes the current market craving for dystopian fiction.

I alternate my regular essays with something called "The Disrespectful Interviewer," wherein I ask rude and certifiably insane questions of authors. Here's the ones I've done so far with YA novelists:

Dissing A.S. King

Dissing Tish Cohen

Late on the first Sunday in July a new DI will go up in which I take on NYT bestselling YA author Lisa McMann.

I love writing for BiblioBuffet, just as I love writing for TFC, because the pieces I do for each stretch different writing muscles than my fiction does.

So how about you, TFCers? Please tell us where you cheat on TFC.

And for you non-TFCers, please share links to your own blogs and tell us what the focus of those blogs are.

Be well. Don't forget to write.


Bee said...

My blog (www.talkmusebanter.blogspot.com) focuses on books and writing and more often than not, the occasional banter. My last post was beyond either of these three and the most personal post I've done...so, I guess I can't really demarcate what comprises my blog specifically. Hmm..

*goes to check links*

Meredith said...

In my blog Fairy Tales and Cappuccino (http://meredithmoorebooks.blogspot.com/), I write about, well, writing and reading and happiness. And randomness. And dream vacations. And silly TV shows. But mostly writing. I share my writing goals for the week and explain the problems I'm having with my WiP's and detail my writing process. I hate cheating on TFC, but it's been pretty fun :)

Wendy Toliver said...

LOL, Bee!
Meridith, I'll have to check out your blog. Sounds fun!
And Lauren, I loved reading your interviews! How very rude of you! :)
I am a regular contributor to 2 group blogs: the Books Boys Buzz blog (www.yawriters.blogspot.com) and the Simon Pulse Ro-Com blog, (www.simonpulseromanticcomedies.blogspot.com). I also like to go around and comment on other blogs, but lately I haven't had much free time so I've been slacking.

LM Preston said...

My main blog: http://lmpreston.blogspot.com

Is focused on books, movies, teen topics, writing ya, book promotion for ya and on my upcoming books.

I also contribute to two other blogs.

Pink and Black: Is a teen focused blog that I share teen centered topics. http://thepinkandblack.wordpress.com

Monique's Entertainment Blog: Monique is also my guest Movie Diva and I post my movie reviews on her site,

Lastly I have a LM Book Party Blog: This blog is an ongoing Party blog where I'll give away gifts pre-Book Launch Party (weekly) and monthly thereafter. It's a site that talks about my books, shows excerpts, spotlights newbie writers or people I meet in the book biz.

Some of my blog post get posted in ezines and book related online mags.

Lauren Baratz-Logsted said...

I love hearing about everyone's other haunts - keep 'em coming!

Sara Hantz said...

I LOVE the rude blogs, very funny.

My other main haunt is We Love YA and to be honest I've been pathetically bad at blogging!!

I also have my own blog... and ditto above!

gabi said...

My blog (iggiandgabi.blogspot.com) is about all things writing, but with a special focus on teen and children's literature.

I just recently discovered TFC and it's great! Can't wait to see what else you all have in store.

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