Saturday, June 19

Blogs & Websites: FLAMES!

My daily internet regimen is basically as follows: gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Fantasy Baseball, Google Reader. Repeat 95 million times per day! It's funny to call it a "regimen," because mainly it's farting around. Man I spend a lot of time online... I was really late to getting addicted to the internet. Until about a year ago I had a Windows 98 Compaq Presario with ye olde 56K modem! Then I got my Macbook & cable internet and wi-fi and suddenly I'm online 900 hours a day! I literally did not experience YouTube until 2008. So much catching up to do! So many cats doing funny things! And then there was Facebook! So fun to know what random dudes from school are now up to. (Lately though pretty much the only reason I go on Facebook is to see if it's my turn at Scrabble. I sure love Scrabble! And I'm kinda awesome at it. Just sayin'.) And let's not even get in to my unhealthy Twitter addiction (I'm @joshberkbooks -- come say hello!)

Anyway, it's basically those things a million and one times over and over again. But recently I got totally waylaid by this: FLAME!

Now I've always wanted to be a painter but I'm pretty terrible at it. OK, very terrible at it. This site is part of the creator's "I am artist" experiment, the point of which is that: "with tools which inspires you, everyone can be an artist." I love that! Isn't it wonderful? I think so. And I really recommend the site. It's something quite unlike anything I've wasted time with lately. You don't have to make your name in fireworks -- I'm just cocky that way.You could also make a dragon, or possibly a third thing. You get a pretty awesome hypnotic feeling swirling around those flames. It's thrilling like being a good painter must be and you could definitely do it all day. You know, between the other vigorous parts of your regimen. (The creator of Flame also made this one -- FLUID PAINTER -- which is equally fun! Ah! How will I get anything done?)

Oh, and how did I learn about the Flame site? From a librarian's blog! I totally read lots of library-related blogs. Biblioblogosphere FTW!


Ayesha said...

very cool....I noticed your previous post that dark flame is released soon...thats good its gonna be released here in the uk around the same time shadowland is released...i so need to ive in the US atleast im the first to get good books too then hehe

Sara Hantz said...

Omg I can't believe I've now found something else to take up my time....

Lauren Baratz-Logsted said...

You had me at cats doing funny things.

Amanda Ashby said...

Josh, it was like you were born to be part of TFC!!!!!!! I have loads of random Internet addictions and sometimes I wonder how I ever manage to squeeze in kids/husband/writing/slutty tv habit around them!!!!!!

Melissa Walker said...

I love stuff like this, Josh. Writing? Who has time? I love making internet art!

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