Friday, June 25

The Summertime TV Blues

I've successfully managed to convince myself that watching TV is "research." Yes, research! What you don't believe me? Fine, I'll give you the spiel I give myself before plunking down in front of the TV for two hours when I should be writing. It goes something like this. "I'm a writer. TV shows are written. Some are even written well. And all storytelling stems from the same place so I need to study and absorb and analyze all forms of storytelling and writing to improve my own skills."

Are you convinced yet?

Well, let it sink in for a while.

Anyway, you can imagine why a TV fanatic such as myself would have a little bit of summertime blues. I mean I plunk myself down just like any other day. I zap on the power. I click the adorable little Tivo caricature on the top of my remote to show me what fabulous offerings I have to choose from today and staring back at me is a depressing list of science and discovery shows that my husband watches. Granted, I'm sure Ice Truck Drivers are very fascinating and learning how to "Build it Bigger" is a trip, but I want my drama. I want my action and adventure and romance. I want my four-camera sit-coms, darn it!

So now I start my usual summer tradition of watching first-season DVDs of shows I never got around to when they first aired. Up next: True Blood! Disc one has just arrived from Netflix and you know where I'll be tonight! Alyson Noel can't stop raving about it on Twitter so I figure if it's worth tweeting about, I better get my butt in gear (meaning: on the couch) and start watching!

Any other recommendations? Or is it true what they say? There just "ain't no cure for the summertime blues?"


LM Preston said...

Well at least True Blood is on.

Sara Hantz said...

I hate that in the summer the TV progs are so bad. Not that it's summer here at the moment, so I'm in my element!!!