Thursday, June 24

Music + Books: The Songs That Saved Your Life

Robin Benway, the author of Audrey, Wait! and the upcoming The Extraordinary Secrets of April, May and June, has an amazing tumblr blog where she posts a song a day, and it's called: The Songs That Saved Your Life.

I guest posted today, so go here to see what my song is. And then flip through the archives and find a ton of great music you'll want to discover (or re-discover).

Authors often make soundtracks for their books. Every month at readergirlz, for example, the featured author creates a playlist for the featured book we're discussing. (This month, John Green gives you the music to Paper Towns. Yes, it's awesome.)

Today, my soundtrack would include a little Kinks. "Waterloo Sunset," perhaps. (Amazing song--see below.)

So what's on your playlist?


Wendy Toliver said...

I find ppl's playlists so interesting! I love learning about new songs or being reminded about songs I haven't heard in a while.

Sara Hantz said...

It's Glee all the way for me....