Thursday, July 8

Make Friends, Make Friends..... Never, Never Break Friends!!

After reading Elizabeth's post about friendships breaking up, I thought I'd do something about making friends.

I've always had a good sense of which people I'm going to be friends with. Usually from the first time I meet them. There's just something about certain people which you click with instantly. Whether at school, or work or in a social situation. I'm not saying that I don't ever end up friends with someone I didn't like from the outset. Some people are quiet and shy so you can't get to know them immediately, and others might come across as cold, but it's just their manner and once you get past that they're lovely people.

In all my years (yikes that makes me sound really old).... I can honestly say the friendliest people I've come across are writers. Whether it's the empathy thing, I don't know. I mean you've got to score high on the empathy chart to write well (in my opinion, anyway!!). My closest friends are writers, and we don't just talk writing... we fill our conversations with meaningful stuff like Idol, Twilight, football, food..... the joys of teenage children (or younger children for that matter).

Some of my friends I've had since school, and we needn't see each other for over a year but when we meet up it's like yesterday. And we can talk about anything. Those sorts of friendships are priceless.

What about you.... do you have a mix of old and new friends?


Wendy Toliver said...

Yes! I think it's important to have a mix of old and new friends. I love getting a big group of my friends together so they can meet each other. I love seeing which ones hit it off.

David A. Bedford said...

I have friends from college age to old age. Being in a church and teaching college helps a lot. That is what has enabled me to write with understanding and fondness a teenage main character. You can know more about her from my blog, Please visit :)

PeechieKeen said...

I wish I could fill my life with more of the type of people you mentioned in the last paragraph!

Melissa Walker said...

I think writers are observers and are more tuned in that others, sometimes. That's a fun quality.