Tuesday, July 27

Sydney, baby

Okay so this week at TFC we're talking about vacations (or holidays as we call them in the Southern Hemisphere) and even though this isn't a proper holiday, I'm pretty excited about going over to Sydney for the Romance Writers of Australia conference in two weeks time.

Sara Hantz and I are also giving a workshop on how to write YA but trust me, in-between hanging out with all our writer friends (including our cp, Christina Phillips), we're going to be squeezing in as many touristy things as we can along the way.

First port of call will be the Opera House, not just because it's awesome but because it's right on the Sydney Harbor, which is where the first penal colony was set up by the British.

I'd also love to have time to do a ferry trip and get to The Rocks, and of course I'm sure we will be able to squeeze in some shopping and eating because that's the way we roll.

But for me, the best part about going back to my home country is all the snack foods that I will be stocking up on, so if you're in Sydney in two weeks time just look out for the Young Adult author whose bags (and cheeks) are stuffed with Crumbles, Cherry Ripes and Twisties (though let me warn you, it's not going to be a pretty sight!)


Sara Hantz said...

And I've even more excited than that because I've never been to Sydney before...... and iIcan't wait to meet up with all our Australian friends, and there are lot from RWNZ popping over too. So it will be one big party.... tough I know but someone has to do it!!!!

Melissa Walker said...

Hilarious snacks--I love buying foreign snacks when I leave the US. In Spain I fell in love with their dozens of Dorito varieties!