Wednesday, September 1

Color and Design on TV

I wanted to chat about the new The Contemps blog--but Melissa already chatted about it! So yay, Melissa and Elizabeth!!

And world news seems to be a little depressing these days...

So let's talk...

on television!

Recently, I've been obsessed with home decorating since we moved this summer into a new home. I watch all these cool decorators on the Home and Garden channel turn blah rooms into pizazz!

I am amazed at all the talent. Sometimes the designers make it look a lot easier than it really is, right?

Here are some of my FAVE decorating and designer shows on HGTV...

Color Splash

David Bromstad brings color to homeowners each week!

Divine Design

Candice Olson is Wow. This lady has glamour in her veins. She turns rooms into sleek and dynamic styles!

Dear Genevieve

Genevieve receives letters from homeowners to redesign rooms in their homes. So fun!

And I can't forget Design Star!

Designers compete to win their own TV show!

So yes, I'm a little home decorating crazy at the moment, but it's fun and it's fresh. :) Anybody else watch these shows?


Ronni said...

I enjoy ColorSplash. I think David is adorable.

Watch Dollhouse online said...

This is really something interesting and creative i liked the color splash.

Wendy Toliver said...
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Wendy Toliver said...

(Oops, had to delete my other comment b/c I had a major typo!)

I don't watch those particular shows but I'm always looking for new ideas and making something unique out of the things I already have. The biggest compliment ever came from one of my husband's cousins who lived at the time in San Francisco, and when she visited, she asked who my interior decorator was. :) Might be fun someday to have a TFC cribs edition, showing photos or videos of various parts of our abodes we particularly like. Kind of like how Steph showed us her shoes! :)

anjohnston said...

I love those shows but my favorite is Color Splash. Not only does David Bromstad crack me up but his designs are always so amazing. Anyone that describes something as "hotsoup" is alright by me!

Kelly (Lynn) Parra said...

Looks like Color Splash is a favorite!! David Bromstad is a very likable host!

Wendy, great idea! You must be a great decorator! My house is still a work-in-progress!