Tuesday, September 28


It's funny that this week's topic is vacations and travel because--well, because I haven't been anywhere (other than for work) in ages. I'm in the middle of writing one book, rewriting another, and page proofs for a third.

Granted, I'm the one that agreed to do all this work, and I hope that it will pay off but in the meantime a vacation? I think the hour a day I try to squeeze in for reading is as close as I'm coming.

SO! Let me live vicariously through you--tell me all about your latest vacation, please!

(Seriously, please do--especially if it involved a lot of sitting or reading or basically, doing nothing :-)


Wendy Toliver said...

After going on the road all of June and July with all 3 of my little boys, I'm content to be home sweet home for a few months! However, my darling sister is coming for a visit in a week or so, so that's the best of both worlds!

beck nicholas said...

We've been stranded with work and kids so last weekend we got in the car and did a mini vacation. We drove 4 hrs up the coast. The kids spent the day making sandcastles and splashing in rockpools (although it was cool). We had a nice lunch, played on some old trains and drove home after dark. It felt like a holiday!

Amanda Ashby said...

The cool thing about living near the beach is that we can work all day and then go down and walk by the water and suddenly feel like we're on vacation (or holiday as we say downunder!!!!!)

elizabeth scott said...

Wendy--two months of travel with your kids-WOW! My parents could stand about a week, tops :-)

Beck, love the idea of a mini-vacation!

Amanda, you live near the beach?? That's so cool!

Sara Hantz said...

Last vacation, Sunshine Beach, Sunshine Coast, Australia - and we love it so much we're moving their next year!!!!

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