Thursday, September 30

Vacation mania (aka Kay does Atlanta)

I saw Elizabeth's post this week about not having been on vacation in a really long time and thought, "Yes! That was so me up until June." I hadn't been anywhere on vacation (except to visit family) in years. So this summer, in the midst of traveling an insane amount after the book came out, we also squeezed in a visit back to our former stomping grounds in Georgia.

I had a book signing in Atlanta back in June and, since we lived in Georgia for several years when we first got married, we decided to stay a few days after and check out the things we'd missed. Like our favorite pizza place with its drool-worthy Hawaiian pizza and our favorite dinner restaurant. (Wait, why do all my best memories involve food?)

It's amazing how taking even just a short vacation with the people you love--especially a vacation where you don't have every moment scheduled to within an inch of its life--can rejuvenate you. We need to do it more frequently, to get out of the ruts of our lives. Not that my life is a rut, no sirree. My life is incredibly exciting and glamorous and TV movie worthy.

(Pause for Kay to clean the dryer lint trap and clean up doggie vomit)

What was I saying? Oh yes, glamour and glitz and excitement. It's quite exhausting. So having time to rest and relax is a definite plus.

What about you? Where did you go on your last trip to get some R&R?


Wendy Toliver said...

Love your sense of humor, Kay! :)
The last R&R vacation I went on was to Las Vegas with my husband 2 summers ago. I know R&R and Vegas seem to clash, but he was doing his first triathlon and we stayed in an awesome hotel on Lake Las Vegas (so no casinos or "typical" Vegas stuff going on). It was really great while it lasted, but then he injured himself so we spent the last day in the ER (me in my bathing suit straight out of the pool).

Sara Hantz said...

Last trip was to the Sunshine Coast in Australia - which is where we're going to live, hopefully next year. Then we'll feel like we're on vacation all the time!!!!