Monday, September 20

Old School

Okay, so I'm going to confess it. I went to school in the eighties. Yes, that's right, I'm talking big hair, Duran Duran (team Simon of course!) and leg warmers. Thankfully, since digital cameras weren't invented back then I have managed to come through my high school years with absolutely no incriminating evidence of what I got up to. Which actually got my thinking about just how different high school is today.

Back when I was in high school there were no computers (okay there were about six in the entire school and I don't even think the teachers knew what we were meant to do with them). There were also no cell phones, no Facebook or Twitter, let alone iPods or CDs. In fact, I still remember taping songs straight off the radio onto a cassette tape (Friends of Mr. Cairo springs to mind for those who are interested).

Which, in turn got me to wondering if we didn't have all of that stuff, then what did we do with our time back then? Well, for a start there were lots of telephone calls. We also hung out in real life and went to loads of concerts and parties. I'm guessing we must've done some school work along the way since I somehow managed to get in University, but honestly I don't remember much about that. What I do remember is having lots of fun. I'm not saying that I want to give my computer back (or get the big hair again) but I loved my school days just the way they were.

So what about everyone else? Do you ever wonder what it would be like to go to school in a different era?


Christine Danek said...

Wow, you just brought me back. I was a huge Duran Duran fan. I think we had six computers in our school too. You're right I just remember going to the movies, hanging out and concerts galore. Although, it's hard to believe life without the technology of today but we did and it was fun. :)

Wendy Toliver said...

I'm a huge fan of Greese so yes, I would've loved a chance to experience high school in the 1950s (but just for a few months).

I went to a Duran Duran concert and someone on our row sprayed mace! Not fun! But I'm sure the concert was great, otherwise. One thing I loved about being a teen in the 80s and 90s was that concerts were actually affordable. They're so spendy now!

Sara Z. said...

Pretty sure I had that poster in my bedroom...

As for what we did: There was a lot of kind of random hanging out, and walking over to each other's houses to do nothing. Writing and passing notes, on paper. And yes, parties! School dances. My school had a Parks & Recreation sponsored dance like once a month.

I don't know if I'd pick another era. The 80s, let's face it, were awesome.

Amanda Ashby said...

Christine - sounds like you we were separated at birth!!!! But so glad I wasn't the only one who had fun!

Wendy - I've just used Grease in my last book. Of course they randomly had a ten foot papier mache blue elephant in it so not sure what my editor will make of it!!!

Boo about the mace - but yes, concerts were so much cheaper then. I went to loads of stadium tours when I was in school and now I haven't been to a big one in about twenty years!!!

Sara - OMG - I totally forgot about the passing notes thing!!!! But yes the eighties were amazing and I loved growing up then - actually Megan Crane has a book coming out called I love the Eighties, which I'm dying to read!!!!

Lisa R/alterlisa said...

I remember doing a lot of stuff with clubs when in High School. We did floats for Homecomming and pep rallies were attended by all. Friday nights were football/basketball games generally followed by dances. We all hung out a favorite eatery after school and ballgames, too. And I do remember going to lots and lots of concerts as they were really cheap and we went to a local dance club that had teen night on Thursday nights.

Drake Sigar said...

If it were any other era, I would be dead.