Monday, September 6

(Writer) Friends!

We're talking about friends this week! (Well, and also boyfriends, but I'll skip that topic so as not to confuse my wife.) And just look at this picture! Just look at my new friends! One of them you may recognize as TFC's own Stephanie Kuehnert. On the right is Jeri Smith-Ready, who is another new writer friend. (The person in the middle is me. Was that obvious? Probably.) The picture was taken at the PAYA (Pennsylvania Young Adult lit) conference last month and man was it fun! Look how smiley we are! (Also: look how tall I am! Stephanie was even wearing 4.5 inch heels. Why am I so proud about being tall?)

There's just something about meeting other writers, readers, and book-lovers that can't be beat. I've said it before -- one of the coolest things about writing for teens is how supportive, fun, and just plain nice the other authors have been. I mean, I can't compare it to any publishing sector or anything, but YA authors are so great! This also goes for YA readers, editors, agents, bloggers, teen librarians, and pretty much everyone I've run into in the teen publishing world. I was so intimidated before I became a part of it. I thought publishing was cut-throat, that published authors were all snobby & superior & scary, so it's been really cool to discover that the opposite is true. I guess there are some jerks out there, but I haven't met them. I've just met lots of wonderful people and lots of new friends. Hurray for friends!


Lauren Baratz-Logsted said...

As you've discovered, Josh, the YA community is super supportive of one another. It's one of the great things about writing in this area. Yea for YA authors and friends!

Tess said...

Hooray for writer friends!

Amanda Ashby said...

I love that photo- you guys look like you were all having so much fun!

I normally go to romance writing conferences where there are only a few YA authors and people tend to look at us a bit freakishly, but when I went to the RWA conference in San Fran a couple of years ago it was AMAZING to meet so many YA writers in the flesh!!!! (and yes, perhaps I did some inappropriate arm patting but I'm working on my boundary issues so that next time I will be more dignified!)

Wendy Toliver said...

I heart YA people

Stephanie Kuehnert said...

It was so much fun to meet you in person, Josh! And I am glad to count you and Jeri and all the authors here at TFC among my writer friends. Don't know what I'd do without you guys!