Tuesday, March 25

Books for the Teen Age (our books!)

A joint post from Melissa and Sara shall now commence:

Every year, the New York Public Library puts out a list called BOOKS FOR THE TEEN AGE. The published product is really cool and worth seeking out (they send a copy to every library in the country).

To quote the NYPL: “This list, now in its 79th year of publication, selects the best of the previous year’s publishing for teenagers, ages 12 to 18. All the titles chosen have been read and reviewed by young adult librarians and recommended for this special publication. This year's edition features spicy teen book reviews, snappy author interviews with questions submitted by teens, and of course, cover art by a local teen inspired by technology of the moment."

We are so excited that THREE members of Teen Fiction Cafe made this prestigious list:

Liza Conrad (Erica Orloff) with The Poker Diaries

Melissa Walker with Violet on the Runway

Sara Hantz with The Second Virginity of Suzy Green

Melissa even got to go to the ceremony and take pictures (you know, so you'll feel like you were there):

Crowds at the entrance--must be BOOKS FOR THE TEEN AGE!

Melissa gets cozy with the NYPL Lion!

How lucky am I (second from right) that I got to hang out with amazing authors

(l to r) Maryrose Wood, Daria Snadowsky, and Carolyn Mackler? Very.

Melissa and Sara's books were both in the "Chick Lit" category. Melissa feels so lame for not getting a photo of Erica (Liza)'s fantastic book. My bad!

Big thanks to the awesome Jack Martin and the gracious Sandra Payne for putting on a fantastic event with celebratory remarks by Robert Lipsyte, who is totally smart and knows a lot about why boys should read.

Hug more librarians!

The End.


Kelly Parra said...

Congrats to Melissa, Sara, and Erica!! How fun!! Great pics, Melissa!

Sara Hantz said...

WOW!!! I wish I could have been there. Thanks for the fab pics, Melissa.

Amanda Ashby said...

Way to go, Melissa, Sara and Erica - you guys did so well and it's so cool to see photos!!!

danetteb said...

Congrats Ladies! Thanks for the virtual experience. :)

Hugs, Danette

bevrosenbaum said...

Huge congrats, ladies--and great coverage, Melissa!

Maryrose said...

Great pix! It's almost like I was there....wait! I WAS there!

Melissa, it was so very fun to hang out with you and the amazing crowd superauthors!

Melissa Walker said...

It was so fun. I wish EVERYONE could have been there. Thanks, guys!

keri mikulski :) said...

Congrats! Thanks so much for sharing!

Jessica Burkhart said...

I love the pics! :)

Alyson Noel said...

Wow- very cool!
Great pics!

Wendy Toliver said...

Fabulous post, and even more fabulous news, Sara, Erica and Melissa! Thanks for sharing! :)

Rachel said...

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susanhatler said...

Congrats on making the list, you guys. That's awesome!

Gerb said...

Congratulations on making the list!! And thanks, Melissa for posting the pictures. What a fantastic event.