Monday, March 17

Clueless about crushes

One of my favorite things about crushes? Finding someone else has one on Y-O-U.

In college, I liked this guy in my women's literature class. We chatted easily we saw each other in class. Soon, we talked in the hallways and about a month into the semester, I thought, okay, I like him! But I wasn't sure if he liked me. Guys are hard to read sometimes, especially for me. I'm the clueless one around guys. It's always up to my friends to point out when someone likes me because unless a guy says, "Jess, I like you," I'm oblivious.

So, the guy and I traded phone numbers (he asked for mine!) and I thought it was because he wanted to have someone's number in the class in case he missed and needed the homework assignments. Yeah, I can hear the laughter now. :) As you may have guessed that wasn't the reason he wanted my number.

He called me a couple of times and finally asked me out. THEN I got it. Ugh. I need a near crush-radar or something!

Anyone else have this problem before? Have you ever discovered someone had a crush on you?


Gerb said...

I had a secret admirer in grade school. He send me notes and flowers and some really stinky drug store perfume. Come to find out, it was our neighbor, who used to play popgun and kick the can with us at night. Suddenly I understood why he always wanted to hide where I hid.

But the one that still makes me smile - in high school I had one of those pens where you could unscrew the two pieces to replace the ink. Probably a year after graduation, I dug the pen out of a box and used it until it ran out of ink. I unscrewed the pen and was surprised to find a tiny note tucked inside that said 'Linda I love you.' To this day, I have no idea who put it there or when, but it's fun to speculate once in a while. : )

Lauren Baratz-Logsted said...

There was a guy in junior high who had such a crush on me, he sent me a dozen red roses in what my parents said was a Waterford crystal vase. So not only was he romantic, but he was loaded too. Sadly, I did not like him that way.

In college there was a guy who - I kid you not! - serenaded outside my door and used to stand behind my chair at dinner, asking if I needed anything else. "Another glass of soda?" "Another ice cream, perhaps?" Of course, eventually I caved to all the pressure. My girlfriends all thought I was crazy for making him wait so long. Of course, the minute I caved, he started breaking my heart.

bevrosenbaum said...

Oy. I always made a point of being friendly to the picked-on guys. Who always ended up having crushes on me. Sigh.

bevrosenbaum said...

Yah, I get the fantasy thing, but strangely, I don't get celeb crushes on the bad boy celebs anymore. Probably a sign I'm getting old!

bevrosenbaum said...

Whoops, meant to post that last comment on Erica's!

Alyson Noel said...

In third grade, this boy in my class used to chase me at recess singing The First Noel at the top of his lungs (Noel is my middle name), and I hated every second of it. My mom later explained that this was actually a sign that he liked me--it was years before I understood that concept!

Melissa Walker said...

Jess, I think we're all a little clueless sometimes, especially when we're in that "WHY would someone like ME?" phase. That's a fun one.

And Linda! MY GOSH. That is a fantastic story--use that one in a book. I love, love, love it!

Sara Hantz said...

There was once this boy who went round to my house when I was out and told my dad he loved me..... just after I'd ditched him!!! BAD move on his part.... I was soooo angry.