Sunday, March 9

Confessions of an Ex-High Schooler: No Prom Date

When I was a teen, I hated it when older people said, "Honey, don't worry that prom is in two days and no one's asked you." Like they knew how it felt. But now that I'm, yes, an older person, I realize that a lot of advice given to me turned out to be true. One of my favorite sayings of my mom's is, "Is it really going to matter in a week? A month? A year? Ten years?" Usually, there's a big, fat "NO" in there somewhere. And guess what? It doesn't matter that I wasn't asked to my prom. I still have loads of amazing high school memories.

What helped me the most in surviving my teen years are genuine friends (not the ones who glom onto me when it's convenient), family, staying true to myself, and chocolate. Interestingly enough, these are the things that help me survive my adulthood as well!

If you're a teen, what helps you get through those not-so-happy times? And if you're an "older person," how'd you get through sad times when you were a teenager?


Sara Hantz said...

Chocolate definitely helped..... it was a staple. And like you, having good friends, who understood me and would spend hours and hours listening when I needed to talk. And vice versa when they had problems.

Melissa Walker said...

Back then it was definitely music and best friends. And maybe my journal, which has endless pages of angst that now inspire book moments.

Samantha said...

I always keep in mind that it will all be over soon and when I look back it's going to seem like such a small amount of time. And the important thing is that the negative portion should always seem insignificant to the happy portions.

danetteb said...

When I was a teenager and now that I'm older I take a drive out to the beach, listening to the ocean has always cheered me up.

Hugs, Danette

Erica Orloff said...

Best friends got me through.

And I so hated high school, I skipped out after three years anyway and went off to college. So no prom for moi--I wasn't even there!


Gerb said...

Funny, I never went to my prom, either. Most of my friends were older and the guy I was dating was in college and "above" such things. It never bothered me at the time.

Remember that old movie, "Pretty in Pink" where Annie Potts's character says sometimes she'd be going throughout her day and then stop, trying to figure out what it was she'd forgotten, and then it would come back to her - she never went to her high school prom!? LOL I've never felt the void. : )

When I was in HS I used to drive up to the beautiful Utah mountains whenever I needed to work through some tough times. Now, sadly, I live in Ohio where there are no mountains to speak of. (You should see what they call a ski resort here!) So now I turn to books, chocolate, old movies, more chocolate and writing.

It works!

Jessica Burkhart said...

Definitely friends, movies and pets. All must haves. :)

Wendy Toliver said...

Chocolate, scenic get-aways, friends, pets, movies and music ... oh yes! And I love that many of us are finding that there's not a big void in our lives for not going to our proms like poor Annie in "Pretty in Pink." (Thanks for the stroll down memory lane with that one, Gerb!)

Hugs to you all!

Alyson Noel said...

Didn't go to ANY school formals. Not one. I hated high school and just wasn't interested, and despite all the warnings that I'd "later regret it" -- I haven't! Senior year I was dating this German exchange student, and I thought he should go to prom for the cultural experience, though I wasn't willing to partake in it too. So he went with someone else, and I hung out in LA with friends. Worked out beautifully!