Friday, August 27

Good News Friday: The Contemps!

New Book Challenge alert!

The Contemps is a group of 21 YA authors with contemporary novels releasing over the course of a year. I just joined this group (which also includes TFC's own Elizabeth Scott), and we've got a challenge for readers all over. If you commit to reading 18 of these 21 releases over the next year, you're entered for the chance to win all 21 books! Here are the rules/how to enter.

Then snag this badge for your facebook/blog/myspace page:

Take The Contemps Challenge!

Happy Good News Friday!


h Raven said...

Okay. . so after I ask, you can all through things at me.

But, is there any such thing as contemporary alternative universes, or you know, contemporary werewolves? Any chance of that?


Amanda Ashby said...

Melissa - I LOVE this!!! I checked out the website last week and thought it was such a cool idea to join forces! I'm going to put it up on our teen noticeboard at the library because I always get loads of teens who don't want paranormal books (which is cool because we have loads of amazing contemporary books in!!!!!)

Melissa Walker said...

Ha, yes, h Raven, there are those things in books. But not in The Contemps titles, I'm afraid! We're all real-world based. :)

Thanks, Amanda! Awesome.

Shari Green said...

The Contemps group starting is definitely good news! I'll for sure be following the blog & looking for their books. :)

Stephanie Kuehnert said...

Awesome!!!! I am so excited to learn about this group! I write contemporary fiction to and for the reasons you state on the blog that it is so important. I'm definitely going to be buying up as many of those books as possible. I love Urban Fantasy as well, but it makes me sad that realistic contemporary fiction doesn't get as much of the limelight. I hope you all shine very bright and look forward to reading all of these books!