Sunday, August 29

News? Really?

So, this week we're all about In The News. Even though I live in New Zealand I still listen to UK radio, in particular Radio Two. What's struck me this week that one of the biggest stories is to do with Simon Cowell:

X Factor boss Simon Cowell has now banned auto-tuning software from the British talent show.

Cowell, 50, made the change after complaints from viewers that some of the auditionees were having their voices altered with errors being removed.

Cowell has now stopped the use of the software to make sure the audience can trust the show.

He said: "People have got to be able to trust The X Factor. We are not faking anything. People love this show, millions watch it every week and we absolutely respect that, we never take it for granted."

Seriously, I LOVE Simon, I'm one of his biggest fans, but this story is hardly headline news. If he wasn't involved it probably wouldn't have been mentioned. I also understand that American Idol has announced they have never and would never use this software. Phew.... that's a relief!!! We can all sleep easy at night :)


h. Raven said...


I think it's sad to admit it, but the news has been kind of forced into being entertaining and "fun". There is so much competition for audience attention.

I agree. Sometimes I read the news or listen and I think "Why is this important?"


Amanda Ashby said...

Snap!!!!! My husband and I often joke that it must be a slow news day when certain things make headlines. Now what should really be news is that bad photograph of Simon!!!!!

Melissa Walker said...

It's so often not important, but Simon is a character in our narrative, so we all stop to look (or I do anyway--I quite like him).

Sara Hantz said...

Yeah, Amanda, that's not a good photo, it was the one attached to the story..... I guess I should've found a better one!!!

Sara Hantz said...

It's amazing, Melissa, that 10 years ago no one had heard of him and now he's one of the most well known faces in the world!