Sunday, August 1

The Sweet stuff......

This week we're talking about food, and because I'm crazy busy at the moment I'm cheating and reposting a post from about 18 months ago. Not least because I love the photos so much.

For the past 16 years (yikes... I didn't realise it was that long) I've been dairy free because I'm lactose intolerant. It's not too bad, and I'm an avid label watcher in the supermarket, looking for all the hidden milk products that are in food. I trained my children to do it too.

On the plus side, there's no dairy in chips (fries) my favorite food and I have the hugest sweet tooth ever and there are lots of sweets (candy) I can eat. The only negative is chocolate. Some dark chocolate is dairy free, but I always preferred milk chocolate.

Anyway, just in case you feel sorry for me..... which you don't have to because believe me I can always find things to eat (as my friends will attest), here are some of my favorite sweets...... enjoy because being cyber these sweets are calorie free.

Dark chocolate ginger, jelly babies; jelly beans; dolly mixtures; marshmallows, peppermint creams, chocolate biscuit cake (not strictly speaking a sweet but I love it so much I had to include it).

So what are you favorite sweets/candy/lollies???


Marie said...

I love Tootsie Frooties! Tootsie Pops, sour strawberry belts and dark chocolate. I'm not a fan of milk, I use to be and then I don't know... I just stopped lol.

I did have an allergic breakout from dark chocolate when I was a kid though. It was pretty bad, I swore off chocolate for like, a year.

angela said...

I really want some truffles now!! I love the kind that are just chocolate inside, or some sort of creamy coffee thing. soooo gooooood!!

Sara Hantz said...

Marie I don't know Tootsie Frooties, I wonder if they're like Tooty Fruitys that we have in the UK, square hard coating and chewy in the middle in different fruit flavors, in which case... I love those too.

Anglea, I'm not big on truffles or anything with creamy fillings, apart from Peppermint Cream.

Amanda Ashby said...

As soon as I saw Dolly Mixture I knew whose post this was!!!!!!!!

I have a ridiculously sweet tooth and mainly go for chocolate, but I can pretty much eat anything if it's sugar coated. I'm talented like that!

Wendy Toliver said...

Hot tamales, Skittles, Strawberry Twizzlers, Butterfingers, Almond Joys, well almost any chocolate (milk or dark; not white) ... but my absolute FAVORITE is chocolate covered cinnamon bears.

Melissa Walker said...

York Peppermint Patties. They finish off a meal for me divinely.