Tuesday, August 24


This week at TFC it's all about books/television/movies and since every person and their dog is probably going to be talking about or thinking about Mockingjay I thought I would break it up with a little chat about my favorite YA show ever. Skins. We've just finished with season four over here in New Zealand and I can honestly say that this show just gets better and better.

For those who haven't seen it, Skins is set in Bristol and follows the lives of a group of teenage friends. Season one and two follow Tony and co and then, in a bold move for such a successful show, season three and four followed another group, only loosely linked by Tony's sister Effie.

Seriously, I can't say enough good things about Skins. It is edgy and real and, if you're a parent with teenage kids, probably highly disturbing!!! In fact the second last episode of the season four was so upsetting that I couldn't sleep for hours and then had to ring up Sara Hantz to consult with what her teenage son had thought of the episode. Turns out he was shocked as well, so I didn't feel like such a loser.

Even better, there is also going to be a movie as well as a new group of friends for season five. In slightly less giddy news, I've also heard that they're doing a US version. This definitely concerns me and while I know that The Office worked, I'm not just not sure if the edgy, realistic nature will translate well.

So that's me - what about everyone else? Any Skins fans in the house? What do you think of the idea of a US version - and more importantly, is it wrong that I'm a little bit in love with Cook????????


Liyana said...

Skins is my guilty pleasure. I love that the cast changes every two seasons; it brings freshness to the show. I'm definitely looking forward to the movie and finding out what happened to my two favourite couples: Cassie and Sid, and the brother and sister team Effy and Tony.

The US version doesn't sound as good, but we'll see.

Kate Grover said...

I love watching skins. The first season rocked and I haven't stopped watching when it comes onto BBC America. It's like the UK's version of Degrassi which now of days has more realistic characters and characters from the original from the 80's

Amanda Ashby said...

Liyana - I loved Cassie and Sid as well! I actually saw Cassie in something the other day and it was very weird because she had brown hair and was meant to be all posh!!!!

Kate - I never saw Degrassi but now you're making me want to. I think we get the new one on one of our cable channels. I'm off to investigate right now!!!!!!

Wendy Toliver said...

I've never watched it (or heard of it?) but it sounds great.

Amanda Ashby said...

Wendy - I think it's on BBC America over there and I'm guessing you can get it in the boxed set. I absolutely think you'd love it -it's darkly awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!