Tuesday, August 10

Guys and Fashion

When I was a teen, my dream guy looked like a Gap model. He wore casual clothes: jeans or worn chinos (not too tight or too baggy, just right), a striped T-shirt or polo-style shirt, perhaps layered, and flip-flops or basic sneakers. Longish, carefree hair and a hint of whiskers were bonuses. Then, when I went to college, I was still attracted to guys who dressed this way. I liked guys who cared a little about how they looked but didn't look too put-together. Now that I'm married to a guy who would be happy getting his wardrobe from Cabela's (with a few items from Eddie Bauer sprinkled in as necessary), I still try to integrate a few pieces here and there. One of my favorite things for him to wear in the summertime is a pair of baggy chino shorts and a white and green striped knit polo (It's so soft; I can't keep my hands off of it.), and brown sandals. For colder weather, I have a favorite pair of dark jeans (I love the way they are fitted in just the right places) and a long-sleeved rust-colored T-shirt. The shirt is a great color for his olive complexion and shows off his shoulders and biceps.

So girls, is your guy fashionable? What are some of your favorite outfits or articles of his?

And if you are a guy, how would you describe your style? Armani suit? Ashton Kutcher-like? Slicked-back black? Hip-hop? Rock 'n roll? Just-rolled-outta-bed? Athletic all the way?


h. Raven said...

If I had to describe my look, I guess I'd say slicked-back black, ties only when I have to, and if you see me in a suit, aliens of unknown galaxies have taken over my body.

Wendy Toliver said...

I hear you!

The Golfing Librarian said...

Khakis and polos, then I white shirt and tie it with a sport coat on Sundays!

Melissa Walker said...

My husband has great style. It's casual, but very cool. He's really into how things fit, which is key, even for jeans and a t-shirt.

Alyson Noel said...

Jeans! It's all about the jeans!

Stephanie Kuehnert said...

I am with Alyson, it is all about the jeans! My hubby is a cross between rock n roll and just rolled out of bed. I've always liked the grunge look so it works for me :)

Paolo said...

Hey Wendy,

Hope you continue to find styles to sprinkle into your husband's wardrobe to help evolve his personal style!

@Alyson and Stephanie, we just released updated styles and washes for men's and women's jeans, too. ;)

- Paolo

Eddie Bauer

Love Kpop said...

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