Wednesday, May 4

Channeling Sookie Stackhouse

Well, it seems it's my turn to choose who I would most want to be for a day, and taking my cue from Amanda--I'm gonna go the shallow/TV route as well.

I mean, yes, I'd love to be someone meaningful who engages in world changing/meaningful work--that's a given--but I'd also like to be Sookie Stackhouse.

Especially in this upcoming season of True Blood.

And this is why . . .

How about you? What TV character would you most want to be for a day?? Sing it out in the comments!!



Amanda Ashby said...

Alyson - welcome to the shallowside! It's lots of fun over here, plus we can stare at half naked men all day long!!!!!

Melissa Walker said...

I mean, if it's just one day you want to live it up! I'm with you.

Kay Cassidy said...

Ooo, that's a hard one, Alyson! I'd probably want to be C.J. Cregg from The West Wing. Smart, funny, and cool. :-)