Monday, May 30

Favorite Places

The topic this week is supposed to be favorite haunts, but I'm altering it just a little bit because I'm pretty sure a place I've visited only once hardly qualifies as a haunt...

My daughter and I just returned from our trip to Italy and Greece and came home with a whole new list of favorite places to visit:

In Verona: We were kind of sad that the note wall we saw in Letters to Juliet is no longer a feature at Juliet's house, but it was still worth the walk to visit her home and sit in the courtyard.

In Venice: The entire city is amazing. We rode up and down the Grand Canal, of course, but some of the most beautiful finds were tucked into back alleys and canals.

In Pisa: After ooh-ing and aah-in over the leaning tower, we found an old fortress that had been converted into a public park and garden.

In Milan (which, for some reason, I can't say without an Edna accent-"Milan, dahling...") The Duomo is absolutely gorgeous, and there's a castle down the road (and panini and gelato street carts between the two!)

In Corfu: We rented a car and drove around the island and found this little beach a short hike from the road.

On Santorini: Oia is stunning. I little hike out to the old fortress was the perfect place to take pictures (and watch the sun set.)

On Delos: Amazing ruins. It used to be one of the busiest, most prosperous cities in that corner of the world. Imagine if New York City one day ceased to be.

In Elis: At Olympia, we walked on the original Olympic field and saw where the Olympic torch is lit for each of the modern Games.

So, those are some of my favorite places. What are yours?


Stephanie Kuehnert said...

So cool! Such pretty pictures! I hope I make it there one day so I can see some of these things! The original Olympic stadium really struck a chord to see~!

Donna said...

Absolutely stunning photos, Linda! Can I go with you next time please?

Unknown said...

images and beautiful style. I hope to get to these places

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Arismixtapes said...

I agree fully about Venice! It is beautiful and everything is romantic! You will never ever forget your trip there!
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