Monday, May 2

If I could be anyone...

This week's post is all about 'if I could be anyone for a day'.

Now to begin with I thought I would be my husband just so I could find out how awesome it really is to be married to me. But then I looked at myself in the mirror, complete with bed head, wrinkles and yesterday's mascara and I thought better of it (oh, but don't be feeling too sorry for the husband, he knew what he signed up for!!!!)

So then I wondered if I should be someone who is terribly important and worthy so that you would all think better of me, but then I worried that I might let the team down by accidentally adding billions onto world debt by signing the wrong piece of paper.

And finally I realized that there is absolutely no point pretending that I am anything other than shallow and self-serving, so in answer to the question, 'if I could be anyone for a day', I have to say that I would be Nina Dobrev from The Vampire Diaries because seriously, she has the best job ever. I mean between playing Elena and Catherine she pretty much ends up seeing every guy on that show in a serious state of undress!

So, that's me in all my shallow glory. What about everyone else, who would you be for a day?


Melissa Walker said...

Like I said on Alyson's post, you gotta live it up if it's just one day, Amanda. I hear you!

Kay Cassidy said...

LOL. I would be frightened to be my husband for a day. Between his job and being married to me... well, that could feel more like me living a nightmare. ;-)