Thursday, May 19

Cyber Gems: A brand new website

As a tween/teen this was my favorite magazine on earth:

I mean look at that beautiful Johnny Depp! (and that is from over 20 years ago and he's still hot if not hotter, how is that fair!)

But Sassy was not about the eye-candy (though the covers with Johnny and Kurt Cobain and those sorts of guys definitely did it for me). It was about being yourself as a teenage girl, way more so than those other teen mags IMHO. It taught got me thinking about tough issues like rape and abortion. It introduced me to some of my favorite bands like Bratmobile and others from the Riot Grrrl era. It was about being YOU, not the you your friends or your parents or some cute guy wanted, YOU.

And I've missed it forever and been sorta kinda obsessed with Jane Pratt, the founder of Sassy ever since. I subscribed with her other magazine Jane, too, but alas it disappeared, too. So I was so thrilled when I got an email on Monday telling me that Jane is back with!

It's got reviews and DIY stuff and all the brutal honesty I expected from Sassy and Jane. Some of the content is aimed toward older teens and women (ie. frank talk about sex and your body), but I'm thrilled to see Jane online again, bring her wit and honesty and savvy to the internet FOR FREE! So check it out. It's brand new but I think it's going to become one of my cyber gems.

What about you, did you love Sassy or if you are younger, what mags are you/were you hooked on?


Cat @ Beyond Books said...

Well THIS just made me happy.

I was a YM girl growing up. My best friend loved Sassy. I was too... prudish? for it. I thought the topics, although serious ones, were taboo. ;) I was such an innocent as a teen. I hated all the how to dress and "how do I make the boy like me" stuff in YM, but I did love looking at the clothes mostly during the back to school issues. As I got older I fell in love with Jane magazine. Never realize the Sassy/Jane connection!

Melissa Walker said...

We must have talked about how much I adored Sassy. It's why I became a magazine editor, and I have a shelf of old issues. LOVE.

Did an interview with Christina Kelly about the Kurt & Courtney cover on I Heart Daily. I bet you saw, S, but it's here just in case:

I'm hanging out on xojane and seeing how it goes...

Jarvis said...

Depp looks better in now then he did then. A little too Scissor-Hands for my taste.

Stephanie Kuehnert said...

Cat, Hey I liked YM too, but was just more into Sassy and I agree, I liked looking at the clothes, a lot! Hope you are enjoying

Melissa, I didn't see that I Heart Daily so thanks for the link. I have that particular issue of Sassy stored in plastic because I am such a Nirvana nerd. I cut up my other Sassys (and YMs and such) making my zines when I was a teen, which sucks because I wish I still have them. Next time I'm in NYC, we are hanging out at your place and going over the Sassys!!!

Jarvis, Man, I love all seasons of Johnny Depp personally though rugged current Pirates Johnny may be my fave :)

Amanda Ashby said...

We didn't get Sassy in Australia but I grew up with a magazine called Dolly, which is still around today (and yes, I still read it!!!!)

Melissa Walker said...

Amanda, SASSY was based on DOLLY! The Dolly editors backed it at first and hired Jane Pratt. Total respect to Dolly. :)