Wednesday, May 25

What You Don't Know About Me: Obsessions

One of the best parts about writing for middle-grade and young adult readers, I would think any MG/YA author will tell you--is the mail. Email, handwritten mail, art . . . it arrives via the Internet, handed to me at signings or classrooms, or via snail mail. My favorite ones are those that ask me random questions . . . like one reader who wanted to know . . . WHAT KIND OF PIE DO YOU LIKE?

I like peach--so there, something you don't know about me now revealed. But I know that what's behind the questions are the fun ways we look to draw connections to each other, to find things we have in common--such as a shared obsession for peach pie.

So without further ado . . . here are five things I am crazy obsessed with.

1) Canada Dry ginger ale. It is the ONLY brand that will do and it is my cure-all. No flu, no cold, no headache, no anything that ails me cannot be made at least a little better with Canada Dry. And sorry Seagram's and Schwepp's. You don't hold a candle to Canada Dry.

2) Buddha statues. I have dozens and dozens all over my house to remind me to pause and think of a little karma once in a whole. I just like them . . . and now I get them as gifts from friends . . . each statue is different. I love them all.

3) My strawberry plants. I have them this year and they are sprouting MAJOR strawberries. But my arch nemesis . . . the SQUIRREL . . . is stealing them. This is a daily battle. But I am determined to grow them perfectly red and luscious.

4) All things Daniel Craig. Need I say more? I think not.

5) Old movies. The more swoon-worthy, then better. Musicals? I'm in.

How about you? Have an hidden obsessions you care to reveal?

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Wendy Toliver said...

So interesting about the ginger ale! Have you ever tried Vernor's? If not, here's something that is a real treat: Vernor's Milkshake (blend vanilla ice cream, milk, Vernor's, and squirt of Hershey's syrup in blender) Refreshing with a bite!